Why Creative People Need To Stop Being So Lazy

When things stir up in life- they look to their left, they look to their right.

We look up, we look up to the stars while breathing in a deep sigh. Hoping, wishing, wondering if the answer to what’s to come is being calculated at that moment by the universe. We look up as a sign of acknowledgement and respect as to ask the universe for a small favor.

Usually — yes, usually — we get nowhere if we lean on it too much and we put too much faith in “magic,” whereas our counterparts are actively fixing the problems with their own hands while we are left waiting.

That’s where I think we go wrong sometimes, us dreamers.

It took me quite some time to grasp hold of the truth, that us dreamers are lazy and we aren’t utilizing our gift of being so open minded and imaginative to our advantage.Yep, I said it. Us artists, writers, dreamers, whatever you want to call us… we are lazy.

There’s a certain life-magic balance, if you will, that we all need to have. Those who focus only on their career and the monetary prizes that come with, usually never end up happy. Those who stand firm that science is the end-all-be-all usually look like a deer in headlights when faced with a crippling heartbreak, loss, or failure. They just don’t understand and aren’t ready to face some of the things we indirectly signed up for when we came into this world.

But, things aren’t going to be handed to us. The universe isn’t going to make something from nothing. I do believe that things will have a magical, amazing way of working out once we set out positive thoughts and pure effort into whatever we wanted to work towards.

Creativity is a gift given sparsely among us. And to be honest, that gift is rarely even utilized because people think that with the gift comes automatic success. Again, this is where we fail.

Hemingway would have never been able to roll off our tongues as a notable author unless he actually took the time to sit down and create his work.

Those who us dreamers look up to — Paulo Coelho, Morrissey, Johnny Cash, Einstein, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, etc. — all of these great people would have never, ever been known to any of us if they just sat around waiting for something to come along. No, they went out there and they made their voice heard. They rose up from unfavorable circumstances and they beat a stigma. They were dreamers to be heard, and they made sure they were going to be heard.

You want to be a singer? Keep singing. A writer? Keep writing? An activist? Keep protesting.

But, if you want to be a singer, keep working on perfecting your voice.

A writer? Keep working on your vocabulary.

An activist? Work hard to keep the public interested.

I see many artistic and creative people go through the same motions over and over.

Don’t just do it for one of the few titles us dreamers would be content with and end there. You need to build up the trail of people who you’ve touched. You need to work hard enough to leave a legacy behind.

We need more art that is seen all around, not covered up by the city maintenance man. We need more beautiful voices to fall in love with over the radio, not voices some may remember in the coffee shop on that one rainy day you were given a slot. We need more people to fight for the rights of those who can’t fight for themselves- not a simple post on social media status about it.

You were made to be heard.

Go be heard. TC mark

featured image – Lulu Lovering


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