It’s Time To Live A Little

Mohamed Nohassi
Mohamed Nohassi

“How to…”
Why do we humans rely on such a simple yet constraining sentence?

Instead of brain washing your mind into such small boxes, why not just get out there and try it for yourself? Have you ever thought not knowing where to start could be the first step? Boom, mind blowing. Instead of relying on others advice and or understanding, why not just go for it?! Step outside of the little small box you are in and or have been in and go for it.

Put down the ‘how to’ blogs, books and daily helpers and do it yourself! Live a little bit. Try something without reading reviews. Life is all about experience. So, LIVE!

There are so many blogs out there speaking about “how to achieve this love” or “how to get this job” but instead of going off another’s experience and cheat sheet, why not take your road and go through the valleys, experience the shit, experience the road bumps, experience the pain, the struggle, the hiccups, the bloody great moments that you can’t have without being spontaneous?

Life is all about experiencing. All about embracing the tangible moments that we could never get from a blog, a book and or a picture on a screen.

Stop thinking for once in your life and just do it. It’s ok to not go by the book and live a little. But it’s also ok to dot your eyes and cross your t’s if you usually don’t. But for the love of all things good, please do yourself a favor and stop relying on others for how you should live your life.

If we all were supposed to be the same and do it the same way, we all would be robots. But we’re not. We are all so unique and each have our own expectations and desires for what we want to happen. So be selfish, do it your way, not the way of that “how to” book, blog or quote says.

Seriously, take this challenge that could open so many new doors you never thought could happen.

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