10 Friendship Questions Every Girl Should Be Asking Themselves In Their 20s

1. Do your close friends have other girlfriends? At this stage in life every girl should have acquired a close group of girlfriends. It is always a red flag for me when a girl doesn’t have that. WHY?

2. Can you trust this person/are they honest with you? If you can’t trust a person there is no need to have them in your life. If your friend is texting your boyfriend more than you are, you have a serious problem. You want to be around people that have your back, not that are gossiping about you to any insecure girl that will listen.

3. What kind of girlfriend is your friend? Is she clingy type that will ditch you as soon as she gets a boyfriend and then want to cry on your shoulder when the douche bag dumps her two months later? That is not a good look.

4. What kind of pictures do your friends have up in their room? To ensure that you have chosen normal/stable people to surround yourself with, you should see photos from different chapters of their lives (high school, college, post college…) It is a HUGE red flag to go into a girl’s room and only see pictures of the spring break trip you took together years ago.

5. Is your friend a flake? We are at the age now where being flakey is just not cute anymore. You need people that you can make solid plans with. Welcome to being adult.

6. Are your friends on the same page as you? This one can be taken the wrong way. Some of my friends haven’t surpassed the post college slump of getting a full time job. I am not saying ditch everyone that isn’t as successful as you. With that being said, I tend to distance myself from people that are still under the illusion that we are still in college, i.e. getting trashed downtown more often than not, having no sort of income, and complaining about not being where they want to be in life.

7. Does your friend try to compete with you? We are all adults here (mostly) and we should be past the point of viewing our friends as competition. If something awesome happens for your friend you should be happy for them and they should feel the same for you!

8. How often do your friends cross the line between venting and talking trash? The last thing you want to be dealing with at this point in life is a friend that only speaks to you to talk trash about someone you went to high school with or someone that you both know. It screams insecurity when a friend texts me for the sole purpose of telling me that my roommate looks like she has gained weight in her most recent profile picture.

9. Do you have meaningful conversations on a regular basis? If you don’t have a deeper relationship than just partying together at this point…you have nothing.

10. Can you see them in the next chapter of your life? Would you want them in your wedding? Would you even invite them to your wedding? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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