When Nothing’s Wrong, But Nothing’s Right

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You wake up one morning.

You turn off your alarm and lay there in bed, lost in your head traversing from one thought to another as the sun warmly radiates onto you. It’s another regular day- nothing out of the ordinary. Another day of you going through your daily mundane routine; work or school, going out for Happy Hour or watching the new episode of Stranger Things, catching up with old friends and seeing your family.

But there’s something that doesn’t feel right…

You don’t know what it is but deep down there is this indistinguishable feeling scratching away at you; a strong feeling of complete discontent for everything. You brush it aside and go on with your day anyway, blaming it on a groggy morning or the Monday blues, hoping it’ll go away as you the time passes.

One day turns into two, which turns into a week and eventually a month.

Slowly that innate feeling of discontent becomes a part of you, allowing it to take ahold and accepting it as another one of your quirks, just another weird part of you.

“It’ll go away eventually.”

But it doesn’t. The feeling grows and grows, leaving you in a constant state of existential dread, lost within your own life.

You feel helpless and alone; how can you talk about it with someone when you don’t even know what’s going on? You should be feeling happy and content- you have food, a home, friends, and family and are in good health but yet none of those are bringing you the joy they used to. You think of yourself as a spoiled crybaby and shun everything and everyone out.

Life seems so dull and colorless.

What do you do when everything in life seems fine from the outside but crumbling away all from within? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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