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Brighter Days Are Coming

We’ve all read the quotes, the life advice that tells you to dance lots, take pictures, and love hard. Words that before we probably glossed over. We acknowledged them, but did we ever really value the true message? Probably not. Despite the last 12 months being painful, difficult, and unsettling, I hope if nothing else, it has relit the fire. There’s no doubt many of us have fallen out of love with life, but brighter days are coming. We don’t know when, but rest assured they are coming. Some of the best days of your life haven’t even happened yet, and that in itself is pretty magical. I hope you have rediscovered the joy in the little things such as long walks, deep conversations, reading, baths, candles, music, time spent with loved ones, and realized how really, they are the big things, not the latest designer bag or newest car. I hope that when normality returns, whenever that may be, we bring with us that newfound appreciation for the simplicities of life.

Moving forward, I hope we fall in love with life again. I hope we laugh until our stomach hurts, dance all night long, and love hard—not just romantic love but love for yourself, your friends, your family, your hobbies. Take too many pictures, create so many memories, and grab every opportunity. Dream really big. Have fun, be spontaneous, and don’t take life too seriously. Find new interests, meet new people, do things you’ve always wanted to do just because you want to do it, no other reason. I hope we have a renewed passion, love, and appreciation for living in the here and now. I hope we take all that life has to offer us and forget about the past, stop worrying about the future, and truly live in the present. Relight the fire for life. There are an abundance of new experiences and moments waiting for us, and each day presents a new opportunity. Live the life you’ve always wanted and take note of what you do have rather than what you don’t and work with that.

We have been forced to be still. It’s undoubtedly been tough, but find the rainbow in the storm and seek the good that has come. You don’t have to emerge from this having accomplished something unrealistic—it’s still a global pandemic, after all. You can, however, have had a shift, big or small. Make positive changes and be ready to grab life by the horns. We can see the light. We have so much to look forward to. Brighter days are coming.

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