This Is How You Will Heal

Camila Cordeiro
Camila Cordeiro

There is something beautiful about the broken ones, about the ones who were brave enough to be weak.

The ones who were strong enough to place their fragile hearts in the hands of someone and watch as they broke them, piece by piece. There is something beautiful about the scars on your heart darling, something that makes me want to ask you of the tales that are completely yours. There is something strangely beautiful about the broken ones, about the ones who let their scars adorn their souls.

Don’t apologize for being human, there are only a few who have the courage to be so.

To be as soft as a rose, in a field where only thorns grow. To throw caution to the wind and trust everyone to be beautiful and pure doesn’t make you a fool darling, know that the soul is a mirror and it sees only what it shows. Don’t apologize for following your heart, I know it takes me places I never dared go. Don’t apologize for having your heart shattered darling, remember how it beat before you let it go.

Don’t lose hope when your soul bleeds darling, it will heal, I know that to be true. Have some faith and patience in yourself, you will be whole again and never be more you.

Remember that nasty bruise when you were younger, darling?

The one that bled through and through? Remember the pain and hurt, the tears that never seemed to be done with you? Remember how you swore never to play again, to never leave the safety of your home? Remember how that changed with time darling, remember how you learnt to be brave and let go?

Look for that bruise now, I’m sure it’s a tale from long ago. Look for that bruise, see if it’s still the same one you knew. You may find a scar, a faint reminder of stories past. It seems to be different doesn’t it, from a tale that didn’t quite last. It doesn’t hurt as much, doesn’t bleed, hurt or sting. It doesn’t make you falter, doesn’t make you want to not run for the swing. And when you look at the bruise on your heart, look for that one from long ago. Run your fingers along it, see how far you came and remind yourself darling, this one too will go.

Give it some time soldier, know it’s never too late. Place a little bit of trust in you and don’t forget to have a little faith. Trust in the will of your soul to heal and the want of your heart to beat. Trust that you will learn, no matter how many times the same mistakes you repeat.

Watch as the bruise on your heart fades into a scar, a scar that will become a part of an exquisite tapestry.

Watch as it makes its way across your soul, becoming a beautiful piece of art adorning you. This scar will not break you love, it will only become a piece of your beautiful puzzle. Watch as it settles into place making a stronger, kinder more genuine you. Watch as it reassures you of the strength you forget you have, listen as it speaks of your courage to live and not just survive.

And when you feel a bruise or a cut coming on again, run your fingers over this tapestry, solely yours, and tell yourself, “This is how I will heal”.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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