This Is How You Love Someone With Commitment Issues

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Love me even when I push you back. Look into my eyes and tell me a hundred times that you will be there and one time more if I need to hear it again. I know being there for me is difficult. To let you all the way in is a constant work in progress. But would you rather have me in a way I am not myself?

I am afraid of being a heap of sand leaning against you, falling down and flying away to nowhere when you move away. My vulnerability comes with conditions, I know but can you try a little more? I tend to look at the dark side of things, can I hold on to you as my shining star?

Look into my soul. Be my comfort. I will eventually be your confidante.

I have seen beautiful things breaking. I have been through harsh times. I will need you to reaffirm me about us a lot many times. Because to me everything is not black and white. I have spend a lot of time in the grey.

Love me with all you got. Make me believe that love is blind and when I open my eyes, be there right in front of me. I want someone who will insist to fight with me even when I tell you it is not your battle. I have my head up and I always will but still offer me your shoulder in spite of me not showing to need them because it would mean all the world to me. It is not the big gestures that I want but the little things that matter.

Don’t make me jealous. That is no way. Talk to me. Kiss my fears away. Listen to my dreams. Be my ambition. Take me as your soul mate. And when we are almost close to making it happen, don’t leave me alone and petrified. Prove me wrong. I am waiting to be felt needed.

I don’t expect you to be perfect. I want you to love me imperfectly whispering ‘Always’ to me forever. I know your story is important and I will support it. But I need you to intertwine ours together and make it important too. Because even though I have got all the issues in the world, trust me when I tell you, when I give you myself, ‘us’ will be my faith. I need you to just hold on a bit longer because I am almost there. Wait for me. Don’t move. Be my whenever, whatever, however. And, I promise to come running to you and be your sanctuary too. Forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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