The Ugly Truth About Bad Boys And Why You Need To Let Them Go

Vivien Liu
Vivien Liu

We all love the bad boys. From Klaus Michaelson to Damon Salvatore, we drool over them. They are so confident, challenging, reckless and mysterious. They are a breath of fresh air. They are so masculine and when they love, they love you with the very last cell of their body devoted to you. Their ways and small tricks just make them so devilishly adorable. And the cherry on the top is that they are oh so sexy! But in real life, bad boys are not exactly the way we want our man to be. But this is where we falter. We love to change. We love to fixate on toxic partners. We love the thrill of a dangerous love story. But unfortunately, you cannot change a person until he wants to. No matter how much effort you give in, you cannot take away the toxicity he will bring into your life. Life is not a movie. The charm that attracted you is a façade, a veil that needs to be dropped sooner rather than later. The thrill of the chase may seem exciting but it has got no end. It will always disappoint you and leave you at no peace. And let’s be honest here, if there is no peace then, what is the point of all the effort at all? Know what is best for you and walk away before it’s too late because chasing a false dream will only lead to heartbreak. Bad boys are addictive and selfish. They care for no one but themselves and will take away pieces from you unknowingly. They will do whatever is best for them but when things get messed up, you are the one they come back running to because now you are taken for granted. So girl, save yourself before any further damage. No matter how much he has weaselled in your heart, wash him off from under your skin. No matter how beautiful the rose is, holding it too long will only make you bleed more. Because behind that beauty are thorns you refuse to see. So let go of it because this isn’t the only flower in the world. Go choose the one which suits you. Choose the nice guy because after the thrill is your life which counts more. The nice guy will not come in shining armour. He will come in your life subtly because he is the one who will stick with you through thick and thin. He will not make a show. He will simply keep you at first and give you an eternity of happiness with all its flaws embraced. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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