Honestly The Only Person You Have To Blame For Why You Hate Yourself Is You


I hate to break it to you, but you are your own enemy.

Life is an elevator, always in motion. It is we who decide whether to escalate or to descend. Self-hatred is not a “one day thing.” It is not a feeling that suddenly comes one day after you wake up from your sleep. It is through the words you tell yourself every day, the thoughts you keep on playing in your mind, the comparisons, the harshness, and the stubbornness to not do anything about it. The moment you take a backseat in your life and leave the control of the steering wheel, that is when accidents happen. You are the reason of your self-hatred. You are the reason of your dissatisfaction. No one but you. You introspect and retrospect everything without actually enjoying them.

It is when you stand in front of the mirror and start noticing only your flaws — that is the beginning of self hatred.

The job which doesn’t give you satisfaction, the boy who cheated on you and yet you refuse to allow yourself to un-love him, the places unvisited, the boring life you complain about is all your doing.

You may come up with a thousand reasons of hating yourself but still it is your fault. You are letting them take over the best of you.

Is it because of the people you are around? Then let me tell you something: you are not somebody else’s opinion about you. You are not what somebody labels you or wants you to be. People are mean and selfish. But no one can be as mean as you can be to yourself. You are the voice inside your head. You are the force that either drives you or stops you. So, hating yourself is not a product of your surroundings but a consequence of you letting the surroundings get to you. If you stand like a rock wall then no one has the power to turn you to dust. You are the one who lets yourself cry every night to sleep, the one who makes you think you’re not pretty enough, not successful enough, that you’re not special enough.

But it’s time to shake yourself back to your senses and get up on your feet.

It is time to push yourself to view life from the other side because believe me, you will be amazed by the spectacularity of what you might see.

Make a list of all the things that you hate about yourself and plan a way of working on them and then burn the list. Let go of those negative vibes, the uninspiring people, and the place you are stuck at. Pack your bags and move. Move to the sunlight. Move to the freshness. You get one life and it is your duty to live it as fully and happily as possible. Get rid of that bitterness. You are so much more than that. Give yourself time to discover and exploit your special qualities no matter how common they are. Life is messy but that is the beauty of it. Celebrate your existence. So, stop for a moment, look around yourself and think. Either you can continue whining about the dark alleys of your life, burdening it with blames and questions or you change what can be changed and bask yourself in the unfettered pleasure of the messiness of your being. The choice is yours and only yours. Your life is your brainchild and the journey is your decision of which path you want to tread on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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