Forgive Yourself For Loving Him More Than You Loved Yourself

Benjamin Voros

Remember that day when you started to fall in love with the guy you thought would be your forever? The guy who made your day, the guy who made you laugh like there’s no tomorrow, the guy who made you feel like there’s a butterfly in your stomach and the guy who promised to love you for a lifetime.

Where is he now? Where are the dreams planned and the goals to be achieved together? Where are the promises that he made? Where is the guy who once told you that he’ll be by your side no matter what happens? Where is he now that you’re broken?

He’s now gone. Maybe gone with another girl or maybe gone because he got tired. He who promised to understand you and be patient with you is now tired. He who promised to be loyal to you, fooled you and played with your heart. He who promised to love you for a lifetime is now gone, gone for good.

It hurts everyday when you wake up to the fact that he’s not there anymore. It fucking hurts knowing that he’s now with another girl. And it even hurts more when you realize that you and him couldn’t fix what has been broken. And what’s worse is that you know you did everything you could but it’s just not enough for him, it’s still not enough to make your relationship last forever.

Yes, it hurts, it hurts more than anything you could ever imagine. It hurts so much that no words can explain the excruciating pain that you feel. It hurts so bad that you still want to fix it and chase after him but you know in the end you’ll realize that it will never be possible again.

It really fucking hurts a lot but all the pain will be worth it after. You will be fine. No one knows when but eventually, you will.

Everything happens for a reason. You maybe hurt by someone but that was planned for you to realize your worth, for you to let him go, for you to learn, for you to cherish your friends, for you to grow and lastly for you to find the right man that you deserve.

It might hurt this time but remember that this is a part of God’s plan, made just for you.

Cry until there are no more tears to shed, cry until you’re tired, cry if that would make you feel better, cry if it would ease your pain but stop when you know that he’s not the one you deserve. Stop when you know that you’ve done everything. Stop when you realize that you love yourself more than you love him.

You might still love him, that’s fine, because you can never unlove someone. Don’t worry, after sometime it will be a love for a friend and nothing more than that.

Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Forgive yourself for loving him more than loving yourself. And forgive yourself for staying with a guy you thought you deserved.

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself happy. Happy with your friends and family. And happiest with the right man that you deserve. Learn to wait because it has already been planned. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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