8 Times I Wish I Was A Teenager Again

As one of my siblings is about to embark on a new and exciting adventure after high school graduation, I am left feeling mournful of the days when nothing mattered but, my friends and having fun. This is not to say that I cannot still have fun, but the meaning of that term has changed slightly and good o’l responsibility (and sometimes personal dignity) gets in the way of me acting like a teen again. I have realized recently that it is not just seeing my sister come closer to the end of her teens that reminded me of those days, there are many other circumstances that make me wish I was a teenager again.
image - Flickr / chiarashine
image – Flickr / chiarashine

1. When At the Movie Theatre

Sometimes I want to scream and yell at how obnoxious teens can be at the theatre, but then I quickly remember how much I loved going with a giant group of people, taking up two rows of seating, yelling like trolls, and tossing around popcorn like it was a sport. I’d love to do all that again, if I didn’t have morals and such.

2. Prom

Oh prom! What I wouldn’t give to dress up again and act like a princess from a foreign land that all must bow down to for one single day. Hell, let’s be real. I want a prom do over so I can find a far better suited date for myself, and right the wrongs I made in all those back seats of the cars I found myself in. Kidding, kidding.

3. When The Fair Comes To Town

It could just be my small town gal mentality, but when the fair came to town, I knew it was going to be a fun filled week of over-priced candy and rides built by strange men that I would inevitably pay out all my allowance to ride over and over. I suppose I could still do this now, but nothing says quarter life crisis better than riding “The Scrambler” all by yourself 20 times.

4. Spring Break Baby!

So, I never experienced the joys of spring break to begin with, but I have to imagine it would be awesome. Getting naked while underage drinking and allowing people to crawl all over me like I am their own personal jungle gym? Ya, I think I would have wanted to do that at 17.

5. Attending a Concert With Attitude

I am a serious concert goer as it stands and one thing that really drives me insane are all the little kiddies pushing and crawling their way to the front only to text on their damn phone for the entire show. Just try fighting with a teen at a concert to own your footing in the audience, they are liable to take you out with one crank of an iPhone to the face. You just can’t do that shit anymore as an adult, which is why I’d like to go to a concert as a teen again.

6. Back To School Shopping

WAIT! Are you saying that all I have to do is show up to school in September, and you will buy me an entirely new wardrobe to look awesome in? Show me the way to the shopping mall because I am all over this!

7. Birthdays

I hate to get all dramatic on you, but birthdays are just not the same after you reach a certain point in age. Instead of patiently waiting for them to arrive, we are dreading every second they inch closer, making all efforts to skip the event entirely. But, not as a teenager. A teen lives for the day that everyone glorifies his or her awesomeness with a showering of gifts, junk food, and spin the bottle (do the kids still play that?). I’d take that over a fancy dinner where I counted all my calories and STILL felt guilty, any day.

8. Summer

Ya, ya, you may have to work a silly summer job as a teen, but in your off time you own the world. I picture bonding with friends Stand By Me style. Making pacts, skinny dipping, making out behind bleachers and just generally having fun being completely irrational and anything but, responsible. Living the life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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