How To Use ‘The Force’ To Discover True Happiness

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In this life nobody knows what is real or fake. We think we do, we are told the differences growing up but the actual knowledge escapes us. This is because our minds are too narrow and our thoughts can’t comprehend the true nature of it all.

We have faith in something and usually that involves believing in something that is a mixture of philosophy, science, literature, myth and magic.

For some people, those that believe whole-heartedly in the world of Star Wars, the Force works. The Force is an energy field that connects all living things and should be used by those who are sensitive to it.

The Force essentially is something that is bigger than all of us, it is something to believe in. If you can make the Force work for you, you must learn how to be a Jedi Knight.

And here is how you do this:

Less is always more. Rid yourself of all the unnecessary things in life. Take a step back from everything you think you need in your life and reevaluate it. Obi-Wan and Yoda both do this, secluding themselves from the surrounding world for years at a time to become one with the earth and their souls.

Now, you don’t have to go to such extremes but you do need to incorporate the notion that things are just things. In the end they will not make you any more of a person, they just satiate a need for owning something.

Be good. This quality isn’t developed over night and isn’t something that you can magically make yourself and most of the people that we meet are not good.

It takes a lot of practice to be the one person who is a source of compassion and honesty. So, try to do something good, even if it is just paying for someone’s coffee that is in line behind you.

Read and actually think about what you are reading. The words that someone writes are thought out, it takes hours to get them perfected.

The words that someone writes are also an ode to everything that they believe to be true, lessons that they want to teach you. If it takes you a little longer to read that one book, so be it. You will get something more out of the things you read, I promise.

Take care of yourself first. This is the physical component of becoming a Jedi. Health, in and of itself, is not important. Sickness is. If you are sick, will you be able to perform at your best? Absolutely not.

Can you imagine jumping out of spaceships, yielding a light saber while running for hours on end while being sick? Absolutely not. You must be physically and emotionally healthy so you can focus on being a greater being.

Open your mind. Something is never stupid for the reasons that you think it is. You just don’t know how to get your mind around something that you can’t grasp to see from the other side.

Strong opinions are ways for the mind to be grounded and filled with manipulations that are geared in one direction. There are too many forks in the road to be like this.

You have to trust. Trust in yourself and in others. Bad things happen but if you follow the necessary steps, good things will happen too. Trust in the kindness that you are putting out into the world and it will bring back its rewards. It will, just believe.

Do or do not. There is no try. Whatever you may be doing do it at your best. Whether it is washing your dishes or folding your laundry. Don’t just try to do your best, do your best.

Remember that it is also important to rest. Today we are always searching for a purpose in life but this just makes us anxious and stressed. It makes us forget that other doors could be opening up around us. So rest. Take naps. Get lost in your own head for a while.

Be most of all, to be a Jedi Knight, you have to be a master. Being able to master a task takes time, 10 000 hours to be exact. So if you put those 10,000 hours towards the above, towards being a better you, you can achieve greatness. You can be a Jedi Knight.

Trust good things will happen and they will. I know you may think I am crazy but everyone thought Old Ben was crazy. He probably was but did that stop him? Did he care?

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