8 Little Tips To Help You Be A Better Person

Beverley Goodwin
Beverley Goodwin

1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

If you’re reading this post right now, you’re more fortunate than billions of people in the world who can’t read at all. So stop scrolling down your newsfeed, passive-aggressively “liking” your so-called friends’ statuses their lives seem perfect and you want in on it. Make it happen for yourself. Fix your resume, try to smile (even if it’s fake, I promise it’ll turn real eventually), and realize you have potential. It’s all about how you carry yourself.

2. Make yourself resourceful

Life doesn’t always give us all the solutions with the problems. Be creative, prepare for the best, and try to figure it out as much as you can. Whether this means helping someone change a flat, or just helping carry in groceries, don’t be a bump on a log (for lack of other words).

3. Take a second to actually pay attention to detail

We live in a world where we think anything that takes longer than 5 minutes is terrible customer service, and if someone doesn’t smile back or say hi they’re considered rude and standoffish. Maybe people called in sick today, maybe that person was having a bad day, maybe it’s just one of those days for them. Maybe’s could go on forever, but don’t just write off people because they don’t act how you expected them to.

4. Say good riddance already

If there’s something or someone you’re unhealthily obsessing over, click the button and delete them from your Facebook, your phone, and your Twitter feed. If you’re putting too much effort into a friendship and it’s only getting worse, take a deep breath and realize you’re going to make new friends. The people you already know aren’t the only people that exist. If what you know is toxic, try to find something new that isn’t.

5. Write

I know I’m biased because it’s a hobby of mine, but even if you don’t do it every day, take a minute or two before you go to bed and write down the best thing that happened to you, or how your day went, or whatever else you might want to write about. It’ll get your mind off things, not to say that it’ll be hilarious to read back five years from now about how you accidentally walked into the boys’ bathroom at the airport (oh wait… oops).

6. Keep up with the world around you

I’m guilty of this: I have a laptop, a desktop, an iPhone, and multiple televisions, yet I’ll admit, I still tend to fall behind on current events. Perhaps it’s because there’s apps like Candy Crush and Instagram that take priority, but knowing what’s going on around the world will hopefully make us a little less ignorant and a little more understanding.

7. Make the people in the background of your life feel appreciated

I’m talking about the baristas, the waiters, and the people behind cash registers at the grocery store. They’re doing their job just like you were earlier that day. Even a simple ‘have a great day,’ or “How has your day been?’ will probably make them feel more appreciated, and that’s something everyone wants.

8. Be realistic

You don’t have to set a goal to eat healthier or to work out more if you know an overhaul just isn’t going to happen. Start with smaller goals so you don’t want to quit your resolution because you skipped the gym one day or ate some cake on your birthday. Go to the gym when you can, treat yourself to your favorite food every once in a while, and definitely eat cake on your birthday. You should be enjoying life to the fullest, not stressing over arbitrary goals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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