The Underestimated Power Of Saying Yes More Than No

When was the last time you said yes without any hesitation? Said yes to an opportunity that scared you just a little? Jumped in feet first towards a new challenge?

It seems that the older, definitely not more mature, we get, the more we hesitate and fail prey to saying ‘no.’ Dare I say, we are beginning to resemble our parents in this situation? We’ve become similar to them, saying no because it is easier to say that than to step out of our comfort zone or change the status quo. How is it that we have become so immune to saying yes?
It’s an understatement to say that I am a picky eater, resembling a five year old at times.

Whenever offered to try something different, my immediate and automatic response would be “No thank you.” Without even giving myself an opportunity to try something new, I have limited the options available to me. However, lately I have taken it upon myself to try new things, to push my personal boundaries, venture out of my comfort zone. I have opened the door to some incredible experiences. Undoubtedly, my taste buds thank me for it. Now I crave sushi and look forward to nights planned around new dining experiences.

This is just a small example of the power of saying yes. Imagine, if we applied this logic to other aspects of our lives, the possibilities can be limitless.

The power we have given to the word ‘no’ may just be the single thing keeping us away from the next best thing for us, be it a new career opportunity, a life-changing trip, the love of your life or a new hobby waiting to be cultivated.

Challenge to self: try saying yes more often… Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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