10 Essential Things All College Students Should Invest In

In honor of back to school, I’d figured I would make a list of 10 things all students entering college should need! Now, if you’re like me, you may have took the time to make a list of everything you thought you would need, and then either rummaged through Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or even your own house for all the listed items. But here are some things you may have never thought of that could be useful or convenient to be successful and feel like you’re home!

1. Mini Fan

Walking to class is already a pain, but walking to class in the hot and blazing sun is crucial pain. Even with the help of sunscreen and water, it does not get much better. Invest in one of these, and you will be walking to class in comfort rather than feeling like a lost puppy in the sahara desert!

2. Stress Ball

This may not be essential, but it sure is very useful. You’ll improve hand strength and dexterity along with reducing your frustration. Stressed after a long, hard day full of classes and/or tests? Squeeze your stress away!

3. Lots, and lots, AND LOTS of healthy snacks

I personally can’t help but snack on different types of food during the semester. From eating out to eating junk food in between classes and studying is the common reason for the Freshman 15. But if you brings lots of healthy snacks, you could reduce your calorie intake and help you stay fit!

4. Exercise Essentials

Speaking of staying fit, it is very important to get as much exercise as possible. There may be local gyms, or the university itself may have their own rec center you can use to keep your body in shape. I know sometimes exercising involves taking time out of your precious day of schooling, but having a healthy body is just as necessary as having a full, functioning brain.

5. Tennis Shoes

Now, if you’re anything like me, you may have never owned a pair of tennis shoes in your life. If not, go buy one. When walking long distances to class and/or exercising, wearing tennis shoes is a must. Wearing tennis shoes can help reach your destination faster and is more comfortable than wearing anything but.

6. Headphones

These are excellent for when exercising and/or walking to class, or even when studying if you want to block out the extra noise by listening to static.

7. Pepper Spray

This is something everyone should probably invest in, especially college students. You never know when you could be put in a dangerous setting or situation. Whether you’re walking from the library to your car or grabbing food late at night, this can always be handy.

8. Bike

Some people hate walking to class, and would prefer an alternative. If this is you, a bike would be the best option. You could also use the university busses if your campus provides the service, but if not, biking is always a quick way to get where you are going!

9. Rain Boots And Umbrella

An umbrella is something most people usually have laying in their backpack or in their car anyways, but rain boots are usually always forgotten from the list of miscellaneous. I never owned a pair of rainboots in my life until I started college, and they most definitely became useful on rainy days when I had to walk to class when it was pouring. Also, a poncho wouldn’t be bad to purchase either.

10. Electronics/Social Network

Most everyone has one of each in different forms. You either own a smartphone, laptop, or ipad for taking notes, and use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to interact with the rest of the world.

But the use of social network is what’s really important. Most universities have Facebook pages that could help students buy/sell cheaper textbooks, written notes, and etc, provide carpooling, join organizations, and just to meet the different people that attend the college. When trying to get settled in, these could be useful pages. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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