10 Signs She’s An Introvert (And Not A Stuck-Up Bitch)

Alessandro Di Credico

We live in a world where introverts are oftentimes misunderstood and prematurely labeled. I know because I am one myself. I am done defending myself and I know all of you introverted beauties out there are too. So, with that being said, here are ten signs that the mysterious, seemingly complex girl you are calling a bitch is actually an introvert:

1. She Needs Time To Herself

​Instead of always seeking interactions and socializing endlessly, she needs to recharge herself every so often. She may disappear from time to time in order to renew herself before returning to said conversation, party, or social setting. She doesn’t intend to offend anyone, but is simply doing what she must to survive.

2. She Is Her Own Best Friend

​While other girls may join together for a instagram-worthy brunch or wine tasting that is jam-packed with estrogen, she would rather spend time in her own company. She doesn’t always turn down a girl’s night out, but she is ultimately her own best friend first and foremost.

3. She Listens More Than She Speaks

​She is a deep, introspective girl who doesn’t feel the need to talk just for the hell of talking. She is an amazing listener who will be present with you, but don’t always expect her to chew your ear off with incessant verbal communication. A lot of what she communicates to you will be unsaid, yet just as profound.

4. She Is A Dreamer

​She tends to get lost in her own world and can’t help but live in a world that is separate from what is seen by the naked eye. With a vivid imagination, she gets a high from the journey her mind takes her on. Without escaping into the depths of her dreams, she begins to feel like something is missing. While she recognizes reality, she craves fantasy just as much.

5. She May Get Triggered

​She is sensitive to her environment and may get overwhelmed when and if she comes into contact with loud noise, crowds, conflict, or other forms of external stimulation. She may proceed to nourish herself from the inside out by way of temporary escape and if that isn’t possible, she may get moody or express her irritation from being around too many things at once.

6. She Won’t Always Say Hello First

​She may totally like you and want to say hello, but she tends to wait back for you to do the talking. She loses her energy from a multitude of interactions, so she is picky about when she decides to put herself out there. She doesn’t bite and would love to be approached by you. She may not say hello first, but she is just as deserving and amazing as the girl who does.

7. She May Seem Awkward

​She may not charm your socks off with her words and might even appear cold or awkward. She is a natural observer more than anything and doesn’t have her social skills mastered in the same way as an extrovert. And her small talk almost always sucks. She has a lot to offer, but you may want to dig beyond the icing. She is lovely, but it takes a special someone to allow her the space to express herself naturally.

8. She Could Have Resting Bitch Face

​She isn’t a bitch by any means, but she may possibly have a resting bitch face. Most of what she feels is happening internally rather than outwardly, so she may not pay attention to her facial expressions. Or she could freak out amidst a large group and hide behind a facial armor to protect herself and feel safe. She may not be able to help it so don’t judge her. She is really trying, believe me.

9. She Is Choosy About What She Says Yes To

​She doesn’t always participate in everything that extroverts do, as she has a lot of differing interests. She may appreciate your fascination with street fairs and music festivals, but she would rather do her own thing away from the madness. She has to be careful about what she says yes to, as it is very possible that engaging in certain activities will leave her drained and restless.

10. She Can’t Pretend To Be Someone She Is Not

​She may try to be someone she is not for the sake of fitting in, but before long the truth will come out. She is wildly imaginative, gentle, and captivating in her own special way and deserves to be herself. It would be a shame if she pretended to be anything but. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am a UC Davis graduate in psychology, an avid yoga, and a world traveler.

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