Shirin Karimi Tararani

I am a UC Davis graduate in psychology, an avid yoga, and a world traveler.

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Shirin Karimi Tararani

How Yoga Truly Changed My Life

Each and every yoga session I partook in gave me a bit more of an inner-glow than the last. I was finding the gold nuggets I had been hiding inside of myself all along and that was an amazing, soul-stirring realization.

Love Isn’t Meant To Be Chased

Love can hit you when you least expect it! At twenty-five years of age, I was still single and drained from my desperate attempts to force love upon myself. Serial dates galore characterized my love life. Instead of embracing my destiny and organically allowing love into my life, I tried to make love come to me when it wasn’t my time.

When My Ex-Boyfriend Put His Hands On Me, I Finally Learned To Love Myself

Moving poetry left his lips and I had become addicted to our deep, meaningful conversations. And I can’t forget to mention the rush that overtook me anytime he was around. I lost my own instincts along the way, leaving the red flags to wash over me until they no longer mattered. Our whole relationship became one giant red flag, but I was too blind to see the truth.