10 Incredibly Sexy Books You Can Read Instead Of ’50 Shades Of Gray’

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You recognize them when you see ’em. The ripped bodices, Fabio’s long flowing locks. Everyone has seen the books. You know what’s in them: porn, usually cheesy and not well-written, but they’re erotic stories nonetheless. And until recently, they weren’t talked about. You did not read these books in public and you certainly did not talk about them in public. But a certain book about monochromatic grey changed all that. And, as far as this reader is concerned, that’s the only good it did. 50 Shades Of Grey is poorly written and poorly researched. I have made it my mission to discourage anyone within earshot to look elsewhere for their smut. Now it’s your turn for enlightenment. (And speaking of sex, here’s 10 tips from someone who’s ridiculously good at it.)

Smut doesn’t have to be cheesy. It really doesn’t. It can be sexy. And hot. And well-written. Trust me, I have been reading erotic stories since my early teens. I know what is good and worth reading. Gather ’round and let Auntie Shireen tell you all about the good stuff. From the classic taboo topics to straight up kink, here is a roundup of 10 incredibly sexy books to put at the top of your reading list. Go ahead, click through. You can thank me later.

1. The Lucky Harbor Series by Jill Shalvis

I call this starter smut: sweet, hot, and funny. This series is perfect for those wanting to dip their toes in. You’ll find no red rooms of pain here, just a cast of slightly crazy sisters begging for their own sitcom and some seriously sexy scenes.

2. The Camelot Series by Ruthie Knox

I will read anything Ruthie writes. Managing to provide porn and plot, she writes realistic characters I can identify with (and want to get down with, too).

3. Truly: The New York Series by Ruthie Knox

I read this first on Wattpad (for free), but I would absolutely pay for it. While the trope of two unlikely characters meeting each other and falling for each other isn’t new by any means, I bought it with Knox’s characters. I’m excited where to see where she takes this series.

4. The Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

Much like ’50’, this series started out as Twilight fanfiction. Unlike Grey, it was re-worked and re-written by a team of the loveliest authors out there until they had something wholly new and their own (and even hotter than the original). The Bastard series dips its toe into the world of kink, perfect for those ready for something a little naughtier.

5. The Wild Seasons Series by Christina Lauren

The newest series from Christina and Lauren is little bit dirtier with a whole new cast of characters. While Max is my favorite of the Bastard series, I’m reserving judgement for the Seasons series, silently daring Christina and Lauren to write someone hotter and sexier than Mr. Stella. If anything can do it, it’s this series.

6. Unteachable by Leah Raeder

I think everyone, at some point, has fallen for someone they can’t have. The student/teacher relationship might be the most famous and illicit. Newly 18-year-old meets a young teacher outside of the classroom and sparks ensue. Enjoy.

7. The Submissive Series by Tara Sue Me

Behold, a correctly written dominant/submissive relationship. It’s no secret among those in the know that ’50’ very incorrectly depicts a D/s relationship. The Submissive (and its follow ups), however, not only shows a healthy D/s relationship and all that goes into it, but it’s sexy as hell, too.

8. Make Me by Charlotte Stein

For those for whom two isn’t enough, this one’s for you. With a sweet boy, a filthy boy and a willing gal, there’s no shortage of heat in this ménage.

9. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna

Meet Flynn. Flynn is the every man. Flynn is crazy hot. Watching Laurel experiment with a new kink—one that’s a bit taboo—is fun, hot and just plain sexy.

10. The Beyond Series by Kit Rocha

You want kink? I give you ALL THE KINK. Stupid sexy, this dystopian series will push your boundaries. It’s dirty. It’s rough around the edges. And it’s smoking hot. You may not be able to look your friends in the eye after recommending this series, but I promise you’ll recommend it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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