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The Hope that Suicidal Authors Leave for the Rest of Us

I feel that these authors’ moments of illumination function as signal flares, maybe even distress beacons, telling nearby wanderers to turn around and move in another direction so that they may save themselves. Or maybe not. Either way, I’m not sure if I want to find out. But is it foolish to chalk their deaths up to just another case of the “bad chemicals”?

On Fortune Tellers, Disney Villains, and Black Swan

The fortune teller’s daughter had planted seeds of thought in my mind, and it was unclear when any of it would take root and grow. But that’s probably what psychics and fortune tellers are trained to do. Sometimes, I think of them as practicing a perverse form of psychotherapy.

On Fight Club, Dogs, and Love

I find it funny that dogs can simultaneously embody the most noble and base traits of humans. At their best, dogs are loyal, lifelong companions, and they have this heart-wrenching capacity to love and forgive.