This Is What Love Is

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

1. Love is not always about a relationship between two people. It’s about you and your surroundings. It’s about you and how you value every single thing around you.

2. Love is the worry that appears at night, mostly caused by thinking about the people you care the most.

3. Love is the person you think when you listen to a favorite love song.

4. Love is that pause in your chest when the name of someone close to you appears on your phone screen.

5. Love is that disbelief on how someone that you love might not be the same person you thought he (or she) was, even when you know that everybody’s changing.

6. Love is believing that someone, despite every changes, will always get back to you.

7. Love is the sadness that strikes when you know that someone, with all the changes that happened to them, will never get back to you.

8. Love is who you think of when you look at the sun filtering between the leaves in the woods.

9. Love is the tears you had when you stare at a stranger’s picture, just because she looks just like your grandmother.

10. Love is that smile from a stranger you met across the station’s platform that reminds you of your uncle who passed away years ago.

11. Love is the process of remembering how people have done good things in their life.

12. Love is a piece of obituary you wrote when you have nothing but longing inside your heart.

13. Love is knowing that there is a person-sized hole inside you that will never be replaced by anyone, because every person marks a different shape in your heart.

14. Love is knowing that no matter what happens, there will always be moments when your ex crosses your mind.

15. Love is knowing that we can’t always turn back our heads to the past. Because there is a thing called future that waits for us.

16. Love is that sad news you see from today’s newspaper and you wish that you could do something with it.

17. Love is that delicate feeling inside your heart when you see your sibling’s happiness.

18. Love is the silence, and probably a little bit of sadness, that you had when you were at the museum, thinking of how these beautiful artifacts and memories inside boxes made of bulletproof glasses don’t invite many visitors.

19. Love is the forgiveness that comes from your heart’s deepest corner that you give to everyone who hurts you, and yourself.

20. Love is the point when you start to become hopeful again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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