Why We Need To Stop Thinking Of A Diamond As A True Symbol Of Love

via Flickr - Fire At Will
via Flickr – Fire At Will

The ring has become a universal symbol of love — so much so that the size of the karat represents his magnitude of love for you. And it seems that no one, in history, has ever fully questioned the meaning of this accessory. Whoever managed to market the ring as an expression of love is honestly a genius — this concept has been passed down to countless generations.

I don’t want a ring, and I definitely don’t need it.

But, the social pressure is overwhelming.

“What?! You don’t want a ring?!” That is one of the reactions from many of my girlfriends.

“No— you must ask him to get you a ring. Otherwise, you’re being too easy.”

“How can you tell how much he loves you if he doesn’t give you a ring? What will he propose to you with?”

My brother is a wedding photographer and he has probably shot more than a hundred couples. I asked him if he had come across any couple who did not have a ring, and he said no.

Churches accept the exchange of rings after a marriage vow is made. Why can’t we exchange a certificate of sponsoring the education of 450 children?

While a majority of people would appreciate the sparkle and cut of a diamond ring, I find it a struggle to pretend to appreciate it. I have lost countless of metal rings— they either fell into the toilet bowl or I have misplaced them.

The ring is part of an advertising campaign that worked so well. If I don’t conform to it, I’ll be labeled a weirdo, an outcast or a rebel.

The truth is, every marriage and relationship should not be represented by a symbol.

It does not make sense to have such a magical and powerful commitment to take the shape of an empty, hollow circle.

After all, the best representation of one’s love is through the presence of a partner— his eyes, the way he speaks, or the way he holds you in any single moment.

Invest in experiences that would bring you together, not objects. It won’t last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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