An Open Letter To The Boy Who Broke My Best Friend’s Heart

First of all, you’re an idiot.

I’m certain you don’t realize just how much of an idiot you are yet, but you will. Perhaps not this week or this month or even this year, but I guarantee that you will realize it. By that point, though, she will have moved on far out of your grasp.

I get it, you know. I understand that you didn’t want that with her, for some reason or another. It’s not the fact that you didn’t want it anymore, but the way you let her go. Distancing yourself at such a rapid pace so she was left confused and hurt. How could you do that to her? To someone who only treated you with kindness and affection?

I won’t try to guess, as I do not know what you are thinking. What I do know is what you’re missing out on.

You’re missing out on one hell of a woman. A woman who has pushed herself in every aspect of her life and will continue to do so for as long as she lives. This woman is smart, she is fierce, and she has consistently proven that she can survive anything.

You’re missing out on someone who brings an infinite amount of joy to those around her. You’re missing out on someone who would support you no matter what you are going through. You’re missing out on someone who will go into battle with you, no questions asked, ready to pick up whatever sword you need her to.

You’re missing out on one of the most naturally beautiful people I have ever seen, from the inside out. She is captivating and honest and good. She loves openly, even though she’s been shattered before by people much like yourself.

I want you to know that one day there will be someone who appreciates all of these traits in her and the many more she possesses. But you, my dear ghost boy, will have to watch from a distance as someone treats her in the way that you refused to.

I want you to know that even though I think you’re an idiot, I sort of feel bad for you. You had the chance to be a harbinger of good and kindness in this world, and you blew it.

So go ahead. Go to your parties and ghost my friend and do whatever feels good to you in the moment, but understand one thing: You will never deserve for her to care about you again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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