How To Live Your Life Like An Unapologetic Badass

You want to be an unapologetic badass? Fine. But you’re going to have to earn it.

I think we all want this in a way. We all desire to be the person people look at and say, ‘god, how do I get to be them, how do I thrive?’

This might seem obvious, but the answer is simple: you face your shit head on and you don’t blink when you see it.

All around us people are hiding something, masking bits of themselves, building protective layers to look a certain way or be perceived a certain way. But in reality, the only way to live life as an unapologetic badass is to scrape away the fallacy that you can hide anything from anyone in the first place.

There is no mask you can wear, no wall you can build, no protective layer you can put on to convince people you do not and have never felt pain or struggled. There’s nothing you can do to persuade people to think your life is perfect.

What makes you bloom into an unapologetic badass, your proverbial metamorphosis if you will, is your ability to embrace the pain and disappointment and shit storm that is your life sometimes and move through it. It is your drive and determination to continually be better, despite what the world throws at you.

It is your inability to stay down when you’ve been kicked.

Being an unapologetic badass isn’t really about moving crazy places or randomly quitting your job or dyeing your hair a strange color—it’s about continual growth and progression and accepting that your life can never be stagnant. It’s about knowing that godawful things are going to happen sometimes, and that is okay.

It’s about being better prepared for those terrible things and having the courage to deal with them in a healthy way instead of pretending that they don’t exist. It’s about yelling to the world, “Fuck yeah I have problems, but I’m equipped to deal with them. In fact, I embrace them.”

So I really meant what I said—it is quite simple. There’s not so much a grand explanation as a hard and grounded truth. To be an unapologetic badass, to be someone that other people want to be, you have to know how to deal with all the insane shit that might come your way. You have to accept that it might already be headed in your direction.

You have to unapologetically look at it head on. Without fear in your eyes, without concern that you might fail, but with a bold and mildly abrasive confidence that you can handle whatever you are looking at.

So don’t apologize for being the badass that you are, and don’t apologize for the badass you are going to be. Just know that it means effort, it means work, and it means embracing your own discomfort toward the rawest parts of your life.

It means you become someone who knows how to handle her shit and handles it well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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