10 Cures To Your Seriously Suckish Day

It’s cool man, we all have them. You’ll be running through your week (or crawling near the end of it, no judgments) and the worst day ever will hit. Your coffee wasn’t hot, your project fell through, or something seriously devastating happened. Whatever it may be, here’s some stuff to hopefully help you through.

1. Drink of Choice

Seriously, girly pal (or guy, who am I to judge). Treat yo’ self. Pick your poison. Whether it be a venti frappe mocha choka BS or a whiskey neat or the greatest glass of lemon water you’ve ever had – get your drank on.

2. Binge Watch

Cuddle up in your bed, pull the covers up to the inevitable double chin you’ll get from your current binging position, and hit play. No ragrets, babe.

3. Let it All Out

And I mean this in a healthy way. That part’s important. But really, if you’re sad put on The Notebook or the Princess Bride or whatever movie makes your tear ducts overreact (personally, a Cinderella Story featuring Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray). If you’re angry punch your pillowcase or rip up pieces of paper while muttering inaudibly. If you’re hangry…..Chipotle.

4. Get Outside

Even if the outdoors isn’t exactly your style, at least sit in a shaded area for like 10 minutes or something. The fresh air and (hopeful) sunshine will do you some good. Plus, no one can ever be sad about getting tan. Unless you’re really pale and redheaded, then lather up with some SPF 700 before you take this bit of advice.

5. Go People Watching

This one’s a personal favorite (also I’m literally doing it right now). Go somewhere by yourself like a coffee shop, state fair, Wal-Mart, etc. and pop a squat. Don’t be all creepy about it or anything; just pretend you’re doing something else and let your eyes roam. Watching other people be just as weird as you are will make you feel just a little bit more connected.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Song on Repeat

I mean, maybe make sure you’re the only one within earshot, because this could bother some folks. Once you get some space (or headphones) blast that ish until you could repeat the bass line in your sleep. Bonus points for dancing along in public.

7. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone ~just a lil’ bit~

Okay, I’m not telling you to go cliff diving or anything because that could end badly for a number of reasons i.e. anxiety attack, death, really cold water, etc. But do something that makes you sweat a little bit. Whether that’s flirting with the cute guy (or gal) across from you or just trying something new at your regular restaurant – change something up.

8. Do Something Active

I am the farthest thing from a gym rat, but I love being active. I’m not telling you to get out there and run 10 miles or finish every disc in the Insanity box set, but start moving your body, pumping those endorphins through. Shake yo groove thang.

9. Learn Something New

Knowledge is power, y’all. Whenever you intake a bit of information you hadn’t previously encoded it’s a pretty sweet feeling. Bump up your self-confidence and your mood by injecting some sick new nuggets of knowledge into your noggin.

10. Finally, Rest Up

Chillax, bro. Hopefully your day has been full of mood boosting activates. Plus, you’ve gotta be fueled up for a full day of HAPPINNESS tomorrow. Seriously, you’ve earned it champ. Smile- it’s all gonna be swell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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