10 Ways To Think Big And Achieve Even Bigger Success

1. Create A Vision Board

Take the time to sit down and really think what you want out of life, not only professionally, but personally. With today’s technology you don’t even have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to make one of these, unless you want to. I have seen vision boards created on a bulletin board, inside a planner, a Pinterest board, desktop home screen, etc. Create and place it somewhere you will look at often.

2. Create A Roadmap

Without a plan, a dream is just a wish. You can dream all you want, but unless you have a plan of how you’re going to get there, it’s pointless. Big dreams take more than a day, a week, a month, or a year. These types of dreams take time and several steps to get there.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself

Even though you may think some of your aspirations are out of reach, put them on the vision board. Nothing is impossible and that is getting truer as technology enhances. Nothing should be out of reach! Successful people did not put a limit on themselves. Reaching for the stars and trying to do the impossible should be your goal! Dreaming big should not be unrealistic, your dreams should be your goals, your aspirations. By not putting a limit on what you can do will allow you to think, do and act freely without doubting yourself.

4. Get A Mentor

Find someone who is in a field you aspire to be in or has accomplished something that you admire. This person can help guide your decisions and steps to reach the goals that you thought were unattainable. Having someone to motivate and guide you can open more doors than you could imagine. A fresh and outside perspective on your goals and dreams can brighten the light at the end of the tunnel when you think all hope is lost and you want to give up.

5. Meet Different People

New people means a new perspective on things. By interacting with different types of individuals you develop a broader sense of perspective. Now something that you had seen one way, you can see in several different ways just by stepping into the shoes or perspective of someone else. For example, steel beams had mostly been viewed as something to be used for structures, now they are shaped and morphed into large pieces of art across the country.

6. Don’t Be Cookie Cutter

I swear I amaze people with my “type” of things, from clothes, cars, houses, and even guys. I hate the thought of having something that is just like what everyone else has. I have always wanted to be a little different than everyone else and I believe that has helped me over the years in several ways. You cannot succeed by being like everyone else because whether it’s a job interview, social gathering or since Miss America was Sunday, pageants. Cookie cutter people do not leave an impression on anyone and often blend in with the rest. Strive to find something that makes you different from others and run with it.

7. Travel

Traveling gives you a sense of the magnitude you can become. A household name in a small Podunk town in Kentucky is an unheard of name across the country. Traveling gives you a drive to reach more than just the people you know. I believe traveling is good for the soul, you are driven by the success and humbled by the struggle that you see.

8. Use Social Media

Believe it or not, I believe social media has given young entrepreneurs the drive to be the best. Word of mouth travels a long way and now within seconds using social media. Like my last point of traveling, social media gives you the opportunity to travel without moving from your coach. It allows you to step into others’ lives and grow. Successful young entrepreneurs have used social media to engage and expand their following, plus get a glimpse of what the competition is doing. I use social media to gauge what is making others successful and the process they are doing to get there. Bloggers and Youtubers have been able to make a living from their passion, which should inspire anyone. Social Media can make you or break you, and without it you’re non-existent in today’s society, so take your dream and use social media to get to where you want to be faster by seeing what works for others.

9. Find What You Love

I am a firm believer that if you love what you do, you will not work a day in your life. Instead of the dreaded feeling of work, just to get paid, you find a passion that will not only bring you financial freedom but the passion will alone bring success. Successful people do not hate what they do, they do it for more than the money. Their vision usually consists of solving a need, enhancing lives, etc. A small hint, finding what you love can take time and it can take a lot of effort. I went to school, interned and worked for companies until I found what I was passionate about, it took many years but when you find it, it is a remarkable feeling. So find what you love and success is inevitable.

10. Don’t Give Up

Ever! Nothing comes easy! You see examples of that every day. Through continuously teaching, learning and evolving yourself you will be able to get out or in any situation you please. You are going to be put down, rejected and turned away before your dreams come true. You will always be competing with someone else, so it is the small things. The small actions that help build your dreams and then allow you to achieve them. If you don’t succeed, try, try again. You will learn from your mistakes and those mistakes will turn into fire that will fuel your dreams even more. TC mark


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