5 Perfect Things Every Little Black Dress Should Be

“A woman without a little black dress has no future.” –Coco Chanel
Flickr / torbakhopper
Flickr / torbakhopper

And she is absolutely right. A little black dress (LBD) is a staple that should hang in every woman’s closet. A go-to for any last minute occasion that may have slipped her mind, outlook calendar or Kate Spade planner. Along with every “I don’t know what to wear” moment that crosses every girls mind.

Job interview, funeral, wedding, fancy night out should fit the criteria of your LBD. There are five ways to ensure that you have the perfect LBD.

1. Black

You may find this quite obvious but there are some girls out there who think charcoal, dark grey, grey, white with a tint of black all qualify, but they don’t. Make sure your dress is stone cold black. You don’t want to fall into the fiasco of “is it black and blue or white and gold” type of situation.

2. Modest

Remember why your buying this dress. It is not for a night out on the club in the midst of summer when you want to almost bare it all. It is for the formal and close to formal occasions that a black dress would be needed. If you can find the perfect combination of funeral and wedding you’re getting close.

3. Able To Be Dressed Up Or Down

You should be able to pair this dress with heels, flats, a statement necklace or a simple gold bracelet. This should not be an ensemble that has its very own shoes, hair-do, jewelry collection and makeup look. It should be able to pull of any fancy or modest look that you want to pair with it.

4. Comfortable

Believe me if it’s not comfortable you are not going to wear it. Don’t try to lie to yourself and say you’re going to wear it because it is so cute. No! Picture yourself standing in front of your closet looking for something to wear, an uncomfortable dress is never the one you jump to.

5. Timeless

Your LBD should be a staple piece that is in style no matter the year or the style trends of the season. Do not buy the black dress that is different but “so in style this season”, because guess what, come next season you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. So don’t buy it. Picture yourself in five years, can it still be worn? Will is still be in style?

When you have found a dress that fits all these criteria, congratulations you have found your little black dress. The timeless wardrobe staple that should be able to be paired and transitioned for almost any occasion with little to no effort. “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.” -Edith Piaf Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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