Give Yourself The Permission You’ve Been Waiting For

Today, if there’s anything I can promise you, it’s this: I promise that every time you give yourself permission to do something, you will have taken another step towards freedom. When you finally step aside and allow yourself freedom, you will begin to flourish in so many new ways.

You have permission to feel. Feel it all if you need to, but let the feelings go when they no longer move you forward. Know that you were built with the capacity to feel—deeply, in ways that only you can. Once you give yourself the permission to, cling to the freedom allowing yourself to feel brings.

You have permission to be who you were created to be. Society shows us that this is possible, but what happens when they try to suppress who we are? Maybe you’ve build walls from that. Maybe you simply need to sit with yourself and ask, “What is it I truly love?” Give yourself the authority to take hold of who you really are and tell the world that it is undebatable. You are an original masterpiece the world has been waiting to see.

You have permission to change. Deciding in your mind and spirit that you want change to happen is the first step towards that change. You have full permission to do so. All that you are and have been has lead up to this point in your life—you are more ready now than ever before. Go forward with honesty and watch that change unfold.

Give yourself the permission you need. Remind yourself that you have immeasurable value and add so much to this life. Don’t forget to be kinder and gentler to yourself as you move forward. You finally saying “I have permission to” is the healing you’ve needed all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Words and a restoration of worth.

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