Here’s Why I Treat My Mind Like Fine China

I’m sure we can all remember the distinct moment we saw our grandmother’s or mother’s glass cabinet filled with the finest collections. It smelled of time and old wood, sitting there for ages for, what seemed to us, no purpose at all. It was all so oddly beautiful.

I realized that my mind is oddly beautiful, resembling that of fine china. Every single mind created is like it. Something I learned from experiencing crippling anxiety and internalized fear is that thought patterns are created when we let toxic thoughts in to destroy us…from the inside out. I remember mindlessly thinking of myself in certain ways based on my own imperfect viewpoint. I had to train and re-train my mind how to process those kinds of thoughts – thoughts that I’d never be good enough.

Here’s the catch: having self-awareness with every single thing that enters our minds is key to filtering out the things that could cause dents and cracks in our delicate minds. One tiny chip, and the entire integrity of its frame is compromised. I treat my mind as if it could be broken at any moment. I fight everything with truth: I am good enough. I have immeasurable worth. I even have a purpose assigned to me. All of these truths are set in stone, yet I’ve also learned that my mind is capable of convincing itself otherwise.

What if we actually caught negative thoughts right at the doors of our minds red-handed? What would happen if we never invited them in? What if we decorated the inside with positivity and truth, like tapestries and beautiful hanging plants? Nothing that consists of negativity could bear to thrive there if that were the case.

The root of it all starts within. To be honest, I’ve never felt more alive than when focusing on my internal rather than the external.

We can be so destructive towards something so powerful and essential to us – our very own inner being.

I’m done with allowing myself to destroy what my very soul is connected to. After years of my own unenlightened thinking, I’ve finally decided to treat the mind I’ve been given as precious fine china. That which has the power to destroy us, can also harness the power to take us further. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Words and a restoration of worth.

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