7 Emotional Stages Of A Simple Jog Only Runners Will Understand

Whether you’re a professional runner or a novice you can probably relate to the highs and lows of a good run. Running come’s in stages…

1. Denial

You know you should go on that run, but you don’t want to. Just about everything sounds more fun at the moment: Netflix, a nap, maybe making cookies…Yes, the birds are chirping and the weather is great, but getting off your butt seems like too much work. You don’t feel like running.

2. Resolve

You know you need to do it. It’s nice outside and you know you’ll be happy you did. You get off the couch, change into your jogging outfit, and lace up your shoes. By the time you’re queuing up your running playlist a sense of excitement has taken over your body. Yeah, let’s do this!

3. Determination

After stretching you take off at a steady jog. The pavement slaps against the bottom of your sneakers and the fresh air smells sink in, giving you a sense of achievement. You get the rhythm of your steps in tune to the beat of your music and jog. The air moves past your face and people stare at you from the comfort of their cars. Bet they wish they were getting exercise…

4. Euphoria

After a half mile or maybe even a mile or two you begin to feel good—really good. Why didn’t you think of going on a run sooner? What was all the fuss about? This is the best you’ve felt all day. In fact, instead of running a five or ten K you’re feeling like you could run a marathon—maybe longer. The endorphins being released in your body are causing a serious high. The perfect song comes on and you feel better than ever.

5. Freefall

Another ten or twenty minutes pass and you begin to wonder why anyone enjoys running. Sweat is pouring from parts of your body you’d rather leave unmentioned. Did you really just think you could run a marathon? Yeah right—you’ll be lucky to make it home. Your chest is burning, your legs are aching, and your heartbeat feels faster than a sprinting cheetah.

6. Complete

You take it down a notch and start walking. There’s another half-mile or so until you get home—just enough time to catch your breath and hope nobody you know sees you. You look gross, your face is redder than Rudolf’s nose and you’re soaked in terrible smelling body odor. Maybe you should have gone for a walk instead.

7. Happiness

You walk through the front door and peel off your shoes. Your dog follows you around as you go to take a shower or cool down with a glass of water. After petting Fido, you take a deep breath and smile. The jog was just want you needed. It felt great. You’re happy you did it, but you know you’ll go through the same emotional rollercoaster the next time.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Shelbie Mae loves frolicking in the great outdoors of Northern Michigan, going on dates with her husband, hanging out with her Boston Terrier, and writing her first novel Beautiful Bones. You can connect with her on her Shelbie Mae FB page.

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