The Problem With Crushing On Friendly Boys That You’re Probably Not Aware Of

They’re too nice TO EVERYBODY. It’s like they go out of their way just to make everyone feel special. Now I know you guys are probably thinking “what’s wrong with that?” well here’s what’s wrong.

How am I supposed to know I’m special? How am I supposed to know he isn’t just being kind? Sometimes I feel like he’s different with me, and then 5 minutes later I see him talking to another girl the same way. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like dark, mysterious boys who often glare at other people and avoid human contact (because I’m anti-social enough for the both of us) but then it’s really difficult to distinguish whether or not he likes you when he acts the same way with every girl he encounters.

It’s like he was born to make everything that exists feel special. He literally flirts with everything that moves. It’s sweet of him but it isn’t so sweet for me. I know the only possible answer to my dilemma is NOT TO ASSUME. Because unless he actually tells you that he likes you, he most probably doesn’t. But it’s easier said than done. Because every time he looks at me, I just freeze.

He has this way of looking at people like he discovered something amazing. He looks at you like he found the solution to every single problem in the world. And it freezes my body on the outside, but it melts everything else on the inside. And for a moment, I make myself believe it. I make myself feel special.

I tell myself that maybe he’s different with me. But the thing is, he isn’t. And I guess if I’m being realistic, there isn’t really a problem with friendly boys. The only problem we have is girls who assume too much. And that’s me.

I know assuming things is what got me hurt the past, but I never ever learn. I guess some mistakes are just destined to repeat itself in the form of taking risks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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