8 Simple Ways To Leave Your Mark On This World

arek_malang / (Shutterstock.com)
arek_malang / (Shutterstock.com)

We don’t need to be famous to leave a mark on this world. Most of the time, we are unaware that we are constantly influencing people around us.

1) Enjoy life’s simplicity.

How many times do we feel like life is too complicated? The better question to ask is, how many times do we tend to complicate things? If we actually took the time to look outside our busy lives and relax, we would notice how simple and beautiful everything is. Take a nice stroll at the park. Hear the sound of the birds chirping. Lie on the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset. Smell the flowers. Feel the breeze. Laugh. Take the time out of each day to enjoy life’s simplicity.

2) Follow your passions.

Life is too short to be doing things that don’t make you happy, so why do something if you absolutely dread it? We all know people who are money-hungry. They don’t care what they do and how they feel as long as they are bringing home enough dough for them to live in luxury. If this happens, chances are you will not be happy because you will be miserable trying to earn money to make yourself happy. Take your interests and your hobbies and create a masterpiece that will lead you to lifelong happiness.

3) Work hard.

Nothing in life comes easy. To accomplish something, we must work hard. Don’t complain about not getting anything if you don’t expend the effort necessary to get it. There’s a difference between saying you want to do something and actually doing it. Go out there and work for it! Extreme dedication, especially in doing what you love, builds character. It gives you the ability to be proud of yourself and motivates others to follow in your footsteps.

4) Spread happiness.

We are too often caught up in life’s downsides. There are so many things to be happy about. It isn’t hard to spread happiness to others. The best way is to simply smile. Give somebody a hug. Listen to what someone has to say. Lend someone a helping hand. Just the other day, I saw this adorable homeless boy outside the grocery store. I was just opening my chocolate bar as I walked in. I went up to him and gave it to him. Boy, did it put the biggest smile on his face! These small gestures make such a huge difference. Make yourself happy by spreading happiness to others!

5) Love everyone (including strangers and people who have hurt you).

To me, this is the most important one. Sure, we betray and hurt people all the time, but what is holding onto hate going to do? Take all the negativity that comes your way and turn it into kindness. Why do you take the time out of your day to hate someone or wish harm upon them? What are you going to gain out of it? Absolutely nothing. It will only consume your thoughts and make you unhappy. Instead, love everyone because every day someone brings something new and interesting to our lives that can help us learn and grow. Plus, it takes too much energy to hate. Life’s too short to hold onto hate, and our world needs more love.

6) Have a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart.

Try to see the world through other people’s perspectives. See the good in everything. Forgive those who have wronged you. Give back to our world. The experience will be rewarding and everlasting!

7) Explore the world.

Think about how people in this world are different and how each person has their own story. Our world is so diverse, so take the opportunity to travel! Go out of your way to learn about different cultures, explore different cities, and meet amazing new people. The beauty of exploring the world allows you to gain a bigger perspective on life outside of your own!

8) Share your voice.

Everyone has some sort of message they may want to share with the world. There are many ways to convey your feelings, whether it be writing, singing, drawing, playing the guitar, etc. It may be scary at first, but the first step is having the courage to share your experiences and perspectives with others. You’d be surprised at how many people can relate to you. You owe it to yourself to be remembered.

I’m only beginning to leave my mark on the world by writing this article. How will you leave yours? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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