3 Simple, Yet Overlooked Ways To Truly Show You Love Someone

Earlier, I went to the church with my family. Everything went as usual; woke up at 9 in the morning, went straight there at 10, arrived late and heard the preaching of the pastor. What probably made my whole day go round was the preaching.

(And mind you, this may look like a religious post because of the church setting but what I figured out is definitely relatable to anyone capable of loving – no matter what religion you belong)

It talked about love. Some of my close friends know how wrecked I am right now because of this crazy thing called love, that is why I was all ears into the topic earlier. It said so much how the concept of falling in love has been a total disaster in our generation today and how little we know about it, really. Love is not what it is anymore. What we know about love that has been shown through media today is not as genuine as it is supposed to be. 

These are the ways written in my own words and understanding on how to genuinely give love.
Accepting others totally.

1. Acceptance is the key.

You can confidently say that you truly love somebody if you accept whatever flaws and imperfections they have. It can be their physical flaws or their occasional ugly attitude. Love is about accepting a person as a whole. Love is knowing that dents and rusts usually come with the package. It is about knowing from the beginning that this person wouldn’t only make you happy and laugh and smile but also make you angry and cry and crazy. It is being aware of all these warning signs around the corner but still proceeded on the road because you know it is worth taking the risk.

2. Serving others positively.

More than accepting them for what they look like or who they are, it is also important to know that Love is not just a cliché. It is more than a noun. Love is a verb and it should be expressed through actions. I believe that you truly love a person if you are more than willing to serve them with all your heart. I guess when you are ready to give your best and efforts for a person; it is the first step of serving them. Serving them doesn’t mean you lower yourself for them or you forget about yourself. Serving them means helping them in any way you can at the different possible ways you know. Though at times, they wouldn’t feel your help at any point in their lives, it doesn’t stop you from serving them the way you want to. To serve is to love, and that’s why when service is done out of love, it would not require anything in return.

3. Forgiving others personally.

And the last step of truly loving someone is to forgive him/her personally. Forgiveness makes better people and our world a better place. When the damage on you has been done, you are still willing to truly forgive that person who hurt you. Love is also about forgiveness. It is forgiving someone even if they haven’t asked for it. It is cleansing your heart from all the hatred and anger the person has caused because you want to keep space for the happiness and wonderful moments you think the person can give you. TC mark


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