When Giving Up Is Necessary

I believe we are not born quitters. I don’t know why and when giving up had its bad connotation. Probably it is because some people who find themselves weak and fragile reach the point when all that is left to do is to give up. But naturally, I believe there are some things in life that giving up would be the very best option to do. It’s not because you have no other choices; it’s because it is the best thing to choose.

You are not entirely giving up on some people. It’s not giving up on yourself or your dreams or your faith to the world either. When you give up, it doesn’t always mean you’re going to completely turn your back and forget about what you’ve gone through. You have to be reminded that it’s definitely not devaluing your sacrifices or demeaning the hard work you did.

You are giving up not because you’re weak. You are giving up because you’re strong enough to let go of the things that will not truly make you happy. You are strong enough to release yourself from the chains of your false hopes and blind optimism. You are strong enough to admit that the person you thought truly knows you, is not someone who knows you from within. You are letting go because you want to allow yourself be free from the walls you unknowingly built around yourself when you were in the battle of hanging on.

You are giving up on this because you’re giving out chances to the other possibilities that the world has to offer to make you happy. It’s never going to be the length of time you loved each other or the deepness of secrets you shared with one another. It’s never going to be the level of closeness and intimacy between the two of you. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Because let’s admit it, there are things in life that we pursue and end up not being ours. We pursue a career but at the end of the day we get home tired and stressed because it is the career we thought would be good for us. There are things that we mistook for something we badly need because it gave us a sense of value and meaning in life for a while. Some things are meant to last for a long time, but somehow it has to reach its expiration date for us to allow ourselves and be open to other things.

Some people are meant to stay but some are meant to walk away. There are people that will stay for the meantime and teach us how to let go, how to cry and how to get our heart broken. These are the fundamental lessons in life that we will not learn from people who will stay with us forever. This is going to hurt like hell but the truth is everybody is going to hurt you even greater; you just have to stick to the ones worth suffering for.

It may not make sense now and tomorrow may be another challenge between giving up and hanging on, but trust me it will make sense. Sometimes you have to let go of what hurts you even if it hurts to let go. But trust yourself you can make a step forward while letting go of the weight that built up from hanging on. Take a step back. Maybe the reason why nothing pays off is because you are giving it to the wrong person or maybe you are blinded by your wrong goals.

Giving up means knowing there is something better in store for you.

Giving up means bravely accepting that things cannot be undone or things cannot go your way.

Giving up means starting over with your brand new cards to play the game.

Giving up means growing up. Never be afraid to give up some; it’s part of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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