A Few Reminders About The People Who Judge You

I want to remind people a few things about society: 

Society makes fun of your race. They’re going to compare the color of your skin to whatever amuses them. They’re going to notice every single detail– the way you speak, move or act. They’re amazingly creative when it comes to making up stories in their minds. They can say you’re a dangerous bandit by the thickness of your beard and mustache. They can say you’re an addict just because you chose to wear all black and eyeliners. They can say you’re a nerd by your braces and correctional glasses. They are going to sit rows away from you because they feel uncomfortable around you.

When what you do isn’t what normal looks like, get ready to be the center of attraction. If you’re wearing little showy clothes and short skirts, they’re going to think you are asking for it. So don’t speak too much, they don’t like that. But don’t worry, they love you. They actually care for you. They care for you by creating false judgments about the way you look and silently telling what you are supposed to look like.

Society accepts your gender orientation. But a lot of times, they get a little traditional and disagree with you. If you are in a relationship with a person with the same sex, be ready for their endless preaching about how their god doesn’t like it. They are going to make you re-evaluate your life choices again and again until they align with their choices. They are going to question your family background a bit and wonder how you were raised. 

They are going to be very curious about your religion. You will be mistaken to someone who’s morally ill and needs out of this world intervention because they believe that what you do is not normal. They are very sure you are going to hell and they don’t want that to happen to you. But don’t worry, they love you. In fact, they want to save you. They are praying for you. They care for you by not giving you the equal treatment everybody deserves. They won’t hate you, but they won’t like you the way they see themselves. They are just as cool as that.

Society’s going to notice your aspirations. They are going to compare your life goals to theirs. Sometimes they are going to wonder how possible it is for you to become successful given that you are not naturally gifted with brains. You know, society is naturally curious. They are going to waste their time looking up for you online and tell themselves how annoying your instagram posts are. They are going to find lots of ways to find about your personal blog and form an opinion about your writing. They are going to convince themselves that somebody should make you stop ranting in your personal blog because it is a social disgust. 

They are going to notice the way you sing, the way you dance and the photo blog you just created. Then you will see them cringe a bit. They will look at you from head to toe and quietly laugh about how silly you look in your comfortable neon shorts. They are going to quietly cringe in disgust by the number of hashtags you used or the filter you used in your recently uploaded profile picture. But don’t worry, they love you. They actually care. They care so much that they don’t know how far they have crossed the line. They care so much that they don’t think about your capability and freedom of becoming who you want to be. 

And the funny thing about society is that we are the society. We are those who quietly judge the people around us. We are those who created the disgusting stories about other people in our heads. We are the judge. 

We hate being judged by other people and yet, we judge other people. We are weird. We demand for freedom and yet we confine somebody else’s freedom. We want acceptance and yet we do not wholeheartedly accept others. We demand other people to do what is right and yet we do what is wrong. And frustratingly, do we even know what is right and wrong? We beg to be loved and be cared for and yet do we truly know how to love and to care for others? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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