7 Untold Truths That Any Woman Who Attended An All-Girls High School Can Definitely Relate To

High school is the best years of a girl’s life. And everything she learns from there is what helps her become the person who she is now. Whatever experiences she gets from high school, it is sure she’s going to bring it to college and until the moment she shares these to her own high school children.

What made my high school extra fun, amazing, and challenging are my experiences as a high school girl in an all-girls school. I’m really sure my personality was mainly nurtured through this experience and I believe this is one of the bests my life has to offer.
Here are several untold truths students from All-Girls High School can relate to:

1. You’re not at all shy being half naked around them.

It’s just your tummy sweet heart, nothing to worry about! Being half naked is much better than being fully naked and thank God it hasn’t reached that point yet! You trust them so much that even walking around shirtless around the room is not a problem. There are couple of times during your PE class in high school that you share cubicles to change into a new and fresh set of clothes or that time in the classroom when you shut off all the lights and quickly change your clothes while there’s this certain girl friend looking out for everyone in case some maintenance guy pass by the classroom.

2. You know each other’s soft spot and when you do, you kill them there.

Even outside the classroom, you know who they are. Inside the jolly girl who always recites in class, there’s this quiet and simple girl who’s happy being alone. Some of our high school girl friends are pretty weird just like that but that’s what makes them more lovable.

3. You looked at them once in your life and said “You’re actually pretty… not bad.”

There was probably more than twice when you had to play a role of a guy in one of Shakespeare’s works and you are paired with your equally pretty high school girl friend. Sometimes you had to work hard fighting the “feelings” for a “potential crush”, but other times you just fell for it.

4. You swore to each other that you’re going to be the godmother of each other’s children.

Maybe it was during one of those lunch times that your “squad” was sitting around your favorite lunch table while you were munching on the cup of fries your friend bought for herself (because you don’t need her permission to eat her food right?). Then one of you blurted out the idea of somebody getting pregnant and made a promise to be the godmother of their children when they suck at being a mom.

5. Your high school friends are all giddy when you talk about a boy you met in college.

It’s unnerving but it’s natural and very common for girls who grew up in high school surrounded by all girls. It just doesn’t seem like because it really is unusual when you see a guy around in school and especially when you find out your girl friends are getting boy friends. You start to be very curious about who the guy is, what school he came from, what does he do and all other what’s, when’s, why’s, where’s and how’s.

6. You create the fan club of your high school friend and her boyfriend.

Just like before, you know what’s best for each other. Both being girls is a plus point for knowing the breath and the farts of one another but it doesn’t end there. You support them with whatever they want to achieve in life and whoever makes them smile. They have an amazing and great personality that is why all you wish for them is the best—including that person who would make them extra happy.

7. And you promise to beat the guy when he makes her cry.

You’ve constantly reminded your friend and her guy for a lot of times to “Stay strong!”, congratulated them every anniversary (like it’s necessity!) and friendly threatened the guy if ever he breaks you high school girl friend’s heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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