6 Unconventional Ways To Feel Good About Yourself

1. Eat a heavy breakfast

This may sound cliché, but it is true that eating breakfast can make your day. In my unfortunate case, I do not usually eat lunch so instead I eat a heavy breakfast and guess what? The energy I get can last until 3 in the afternoon. It’s going to be worth it, so get up from bed now!

2. Go to the gym once in a while

Go exercise whenever you feel like it. Wear the gym clothes you kept hidden at the back of your closet for a long time. Use the treadmill and run as fast as you can. Don’t set-up a timer, just run as freely as you want to and stop when you’re running out of breath. Bring water in the gym because you know how bad you are at doing this whole exercise thing.

3. Create a dubsmash account

And dub all the sounds you want. Do not contain yourself with the easy sounds of “pika…pika.. Pikachu”; try the hard ones! Do the Eminem rap. Do the high notes. It wouldn’t even matter if you get to dub it right, just as long as you feel good about what you’re doing. At the end of the day, you would find your camera roll with 36 dubsmash videos and thank yourself for being stupidly funny and for making your day.

4. Go out without make-up

Who the heck cares if you’re wearing make-up or not? It shouldn’t even bother you if your eyebrows are not on fleek or your lips are all dry. It should never be the basis of your personal happiness and it should never be the only reason to love yourself.

5. Eat the damn chocolate you’re saving for tomorrow

I mean, it’s chocolate! Who doesn’t like that?! Do not cage yourself into thinking of “Craaaap! So how heavy am I today?” or “How will I burn the 250 calories I get from this?!” Because you know what, your happiness cannot be measured by the number of calories you burn or the amount of chocolate you hesitated to eat.

6. Sing Elvis Presley’s “I feeeeeeeeeeeeel good” *head bang*

Do everything that makes you feel good just as long as you don’t hurt anybody including yourself. Record your voice or do a cover of Ariana Grande’s no matter how bad you know you sound. Start a blog and rant all your opinions and emotions for today! Design the theme to what suits you the most. Don’t stop yourself because of what other people may say. Don’t worry about what they say or think because no matter what you do, they’re still going to think and say something, so why bother? Just remember to always feel good about yourself and be happy and contented with what you have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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