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While you’re reading this, you might be under pressure or in some sort of confusion about where you are heading. It’s true that there will be times in our lives when we feel like whatever we have planned before throwing ourselves into the pit is starting to falter in front of us. Like when none of your Plans, B to J, worked out the way you wanted them to. You got lost in touch with your senses and the best thing that you think you can do is to surrender.

There will be times when you contemplate on the mistakes you did or the things you cannot do. You might be awake at night staring at the far end edge of your room wondering in the dark what could have happened when you turn back time or what kind of person would you be if you did this or that. Or maybe, you curl yourself under a blanket every night hiding from reality and blaming yourself for failing your own expectations and standards; or worse, somebody else’s expectations and standards.

Now I got your attention because you are reading the second paragraph of this essay, I am sure that you are lost. Probably you’re in denial because maybe at some point you know you will find yourself. You know your goals, you know your dreams but maybe you’re at the stage where in you are torn between doing something you want to do and doing something you need to do. At the end of the day you still have confusions and questions on where life is taking you.

And to be honest, I don’t know where your life is taking you. Nobody knows but you.

Let’s be more frank. Life doesn’t come with a treasure map, which we can use to find the way to the treasures and to the success in life. Life doesn’t come with a URL where you can use Google to search for you and find information about it. No matter how many programming classes you take, you can never figure out and crack the codes of your life. There’s no easy way. There are no shortcuts.

All you can do is to take control of your life and not let life control you. Do not set limitations to yourself and be confined in your comfort zones. It will take some time to adjust your lenses but it’s worth giving a shot. And dear, never ever let the negative people around you stop you from being the best that you can be. Never ever let your insecurities hold you down. Be free and fly and achieve your goals whether it will take you 10 to 20 years. Sometimes you have to try new things and throw yourself into different situations where you know you will be stronger than ever.

When you’re lost along the way, track the playlist you were listening to when you started to run. Remember the people close to you who gave you the drive to start dreaming your dream. Refresh yourself and ask why you ever started and why you dreamed of being the person you wanted to be. Remind yourself the night you were doing your bloody homework, and were telling yourself that you’re going to fail. And that morning you found out you passed!

Make this your starting point where you can remind yourself why you never gave up. Life doesn’t come with treasure maps where you will know where to go but it surely can give you unlimited beginnings. So never ever be afraid of taking those beginnings with you. You can start anytime; whenever you’re ready. Dear, you are enough. You are capable of living the dream you’ve always had. You have it in you; you just have to set it on fire. So the next time you get lost, remember to look back to remind yourself why you started and to look forward to continue the dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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