5 Reasons I No Longer Write About Love

1. I stopped writing about love because I am fully aware and mature enough to admit to myself that I do not know what genuine love is all about. That everything I felt was sort of invalid and was just simply a phase where I learn lessons and get punishments. It was simply a step in a big process called life, where I meet people who will come and go. There will be different kinds of people who will teach me what love truly is and those who will have to break me from the inside for me to comprehend that the love I know is far beyond the love that the world can give.

2. I stopped writing about love because I started to question its meaning. Even though we are capable of loving other people, sometimes it will hit us if what we’ve thrown ourselves into was really the genuine love we deserved. I started to question my ability to love and started to count the risks and sacrifices I made to prove that love is meaningful, that it was worth giving a shot. I started to question my faith in humanity and their capability of loving and being loved back.

3. I stopped writing about love because I am afraid of learning the wrong meaning of love. I am afraid of growing into the love that I think is true; the love that is so perfect, so flawless and that is far beyond from reality. I don’t want to get used to the kind of love that is self-destructive. I stopped writing about love to stop fooling myself and the people around me about the kind of love I think will work. I want to end the idea that love is all about timing because it is not.

4. If there’s one thing I learned about love from the right people, it is that love conquers all. It’s not about the timing. Because if it is the love we deserve, time would not even matter. And I am not gathering an army of people hating time. If the love you know fell apart, don’t blame the timing. Know that time will only help us heal, learn and grow so that the love we deserve will finally find its way to us.

5. I stopped writing about love because the kind of love I know failed me once. Now, I am hand in hand together with time to heal, learn and grow so that the new meaning of love will find its way to me so I can start anew and write about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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