When You’re Afraid To Face Your Problems

For every day that life has to offer, there will be no day that you are exempted to have a problem; may it be a very simple and petty problem or a really heavy one. I believe we are made to live life having at least one problem for a day that will either wreck our brain or will drain our spirit out.

But here’s the catch: You are only given problems you could handle.

You have to weigh things. You got 99 problems or more but not all of our problems weigh the same thus, not all of our problems have similar solutions.

Just like priorities. One of our priorities must weigh heavier than the rest. There could only be one priority on top of the list and it may be your career, your family or whatever you have in mind. And by definition, priority is something that we invest our time and effort to. Each of our priorities deserves a certain amount of time and effort but not all our priorities deserve equal amount of our time and effort. There would always be the most important of all the priorities.

The same goes with our problems. Not every single problem is worth your tears, worth your sleepless nights and worth your skipped meals. Crying it out is not bad at all, but you have to choose wisely which problem you are going to cry about. You should not waste your time worrying too much about all of your problems. Adjust your lenses and maybe you’re just making a big deal out of this certain thing that you exert too much of your time and effort to get over with.

You may feel like you have all the problems in the world and there is nothing best to do than to cry it out or scream it out loud. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Understand that we’re humans and there will be a phase in our life when we are all confused and fed up. But come on, will you let that bring you down?

These certain phases when we feel we are drowning in problems come at certain times in which we think we are the weakest. But in fact we are at the strongest version of ourselves! We are strong enough to handle whatever life brings. Believe that we are capable of wrecking all these but we are just not brave enough.

We are not brave enough to face our problems because of the burning fear inside us. We fear that we don’t give the best advice. We fear that maybe we’ll choose the wrong decision. Maybe we’re afraid of whatever the outcome will be or whatever people will have to say. Maybe we’re afraid of attracting more problems. Or maybe we’re afraid of losing ourselves along the way.

And you know what? This is the go–signal letting you know how to solve your problems: start conquering your fears. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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