9 Important Things Life Wants You To Always Remember

1. It’s not always about you

Life wants you to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s not always going to be you. You’re not always the number 1. You’re not always in the priority lane. You’re not always the VIP. You are you and you have to accept it’s only going to be that way. People will disappoint you, hurt you, devalue you and that’s normal. But you have to remember that people can only break your heart if you let them. So don’t.

2. Adjust your lenses

Life wants you to focus on what’s important. But you have to know what that is and in fact you know it already. It is you who are important. Focus on your goals and dreams. Focus on how to make yourself live life to the fullest. And when things get rough, adjust your lenses and see the world beyond yourself. Maybe the world can help you get through it.

3. Give and never expect anything in return

Life wants you to remember how generous you were before that major heartbreak, before they walked away, before you fell into your knees in defeat and before you gave up. You’re generous. Okay, you gave everything although it didn’t seem enough. But this time, life wants you to look at it this way: Give and never expect anything in return. Your generosity is innate and expectations should not hinder that. You’re wonderful. Remember that the world needs more generous people like you.

4. Learn how to say “Thank you”

Life wants you to remember these two old English words everyone seems to forget about. Thank anyone who has been a part of your life, even the littlest and the greatest of contribution. Whether it is just opening up the door for you or saving you from an accident, say thank you. Say it with your heart. Thank people for simply existing in your life. Thank yourself too, don’t forget that. Thank yourself for always being the best that it can be and for not giving up.

5. Forgive and apologize

Life also wants you to remember that troubles will naturally come. When we have done damage to anyone, sincerely apologize; and when they have done damage to us, sincerely forgive. We’re humans and it is natural for us to hurt other people besides ourselves. And as humans, it should be natural for us to have an unlimited number of forgiveness and apologies.

6. Have a good laugh

Life wants you to remember that a day without laughter is a day wasted. No matter how cruel a day could get, having a good laugh will make it less cruel. Enjoy a good company and have fun. Laugh until your jaw breaks, your eyes burst into tears and your face turns red. Whether your laugh has no sound or has similar sound as a horse, who cares? Just laugh it out.

7. Don’t let your worries hold you back

Life wants you to remember that your worries will always be worries and these don’t go far from being just worries. Worrying will get you nowhere so you should stop it now. Your midnight what-ifs will only cause you hours of sleep and will not solve any of your problems. Your worries will only stop you from being who you ought to be, honey! So just remember this: You were created bigger and greater than the worries you created.

8. Make mistakes

Life wants you to remember that you are not perfect and so is your life. You’re going to make thousands of mistakes in the span of your lifetime and that’s normal. You’ve done a lot of mistakes in the past and guess what? You’re going to make more mistakes tomorrow! But never lose yourself and make mistakes all the time. You have to learn from them and teach yourself not to make the same mistakes again. Always remember that your life should not be measured by the number of mistakes you’ve done but by the number of lessons you learn from these.

9. You are not alone

Life wants you to remember that everyone you know and meet is going through something. It could never be similar to yours but they are also having a hard time just like you. The common denominator we have with one another is that we can make a difference to someone else’s life. Probably make their load a little less heavier? Or just simply greeting them with a smile? Remember that you’re not alone in this crazy thing called life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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