How You Respond To Being Told To ‘Be More Ladylike’, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson


“Okay but my personality is LITERALLY a penis so I don’t see how that’s gonna work.”


“Does that mean you’ll let me go to the mall again?”


“If I’m a lady you’re a snake buh-bye.”


“Okay so somehow I’m the momfriend but not ladylike enough for you.

Okay. Alright. I make brownies for your dumbass and this is what I get.

Okay. Alright.”


“I’m a Queen I don’t need this.”


“What even IS being ladylike? What do you mean by that?”


“I don’t like that you want me to follow your intense standards on women.”


“If I wear a dress will you leave me alone?”


“No thanks, I don’t feel like doing that. I’ll say what I want when I want. Fuck you, fuck your standards. Fuck that.”


“Are you telling me I’m not perfect the way I am??? Because you’re wrong.”


“Why? So I can fall under your intense bullshit and society can control my views and how I act? So I can be contained and not be the forceful wind that I am? Darling, I’m a motherfucking hurricane and I will never be subdued.”


“Please shut up, you’re being an ass.” TC mark


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  • Crystal Russom

    I’m a Sagittarius and that’s so accurate hahaha!

  • shrutigigglessharma

    haha! you are a snake! No, Dragon! :D *puufff*

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