Taylor Swift Isn’t Who She Used To Be, But Neither Are You

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To the media, confused fans and everyone else in the world saying that this ‘Taylor Swift’ is not the same’ Taylor Swift’ who sang “Teardrops On My Guitar” eleven years ago: Yup! You’re 100% right. But like… ask yourself this: are you the same person who you were when you heard that on the radio eleven years ago? Because I can almost guarantee that your answer is probably not.

As we get older we all go and grow through stages of life. For Taylor Swift’s fans, she’s always seemed to be there, in the capacity that we needed her. In each album was a song relating to an area of life that we needed help finding peace in. From not fitting in at high school to falling in love with a boy who would never love us back, just loving life because you were 22, more love, more life, a best friend breakup, more love and more life. For over a decade, Taylor has provided us with our real life soundtracks. But she never wrote them for our life events; she always wrote them for peace with hers, and we found life through her music because we related to her on so many levels. She spoke up and her speaking up helped us learn to speak up too.

But the thing is, she’s still here and she’s still Taylor. She will always be Taylor. The media tried to kill her and almost won, but she found herself again and came back full-force. No, it’s not country music, and no, it’s not a sappy love song, but these are her real thoughts and she waited so long to say something because she needed to find herself again.

When Taylor transitioned from country to pop, people called her fake. But in the past decade I’ve transitioned from shy to outgoing, I’ve gone from overweight to fit AF, I’ve gone from hating my body to loving my body to hating and loving it again, and I’ve already switched careers three times. Can y’all relate to me? I’m sure you can. And we are not fake. We’re just learning and living and growing into who we’re supposed to be at each moment in time. We’re finding happiness and peace in the now — just like Taylor.

Taylor’s life happens to be in the limelight. Every single move is overanalyzed, over-interpreted, and over-criticized. The girl just wants to live her life and we are not entitled to be upset with her for doing so. Let the girl live and let her have her life. Join her if you’re down and if you’re not, that’s cool too. But don’t shame her for being her, because you wouldn’t want the rest of the world dragging you down for being you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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