Watching People Watching People: Notes On Reading The Internet

PHASE 4: Hardcore Pornography

Saha Grey
Glenn Francis

Need I say more? At this point, my day has either been completely derailed or a total success. Let me just say, I recently visited and watched a ten man Sasha Grey bukkake clip that takes place on a metal catwalk in what looks like a manufacturing warehouse. The cameraperson is a young woman who can’t stop talking the whole time. She’s saying things like: “Oh my God, you’re soooo hot.” Or: “Fuck, I can’t believe you. You’re so fucking nasty.” It’s kind of depressing and super hot at the same time. At this point in my hypothetical average internetting day, the government and/or corporate agent assigned to watch me watching the internet has locked the door, dropped his chino’s around his ankles and is brutally fucking a Kleenex box. And in this way we’re all kind of screwed. TC mark


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  • @_justvibing


    pretty long but insightful nonetheless

  • Bill A Pomerans

    Don’t you want to know what other people are doing on the internet? What sites do they go to? In what order? How long they spend on each one?


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