Who’re You Calling A Nihilist?

I was sitting at my desk the next morning when the phone rang.

“Shawn, it’s Nita.  How are you?”

“I’m fine.  How are you?”

“Good, good,” she said.  There was a pause on her end, and for a second I thought something was wrong.

“What’s going on?” I said.

“Well, you seemed a little out of sorts last night,” she said, “And I was worried about you.  I just wanted to see if there’s anything you needed to talk about.”

“No,” I said, “I’m fine.  I’m just sitting here, working.”

“Are you su-ure there’s nothing you need to talk about?”

“I’m positive,” I said, “Is there anything you need to talk about?  You did call me.”


“No, I was just worried about you, that’s all,” she said.  “Lindsay and I really care about you and we hope you’re doing alright.”

“I’m fine,” I said, “I’m just fine.” TC mark

Image via Newtown grafitti

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  • Annika

    Wow, the couple sounds like total assholes. I didn't realize that there are people in their 50s who are able to function, much less spawn, and expound basically as well as 18 year old freshmen fueled by hubris in liberal arts courses, but damn.


    seems bleak

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