9 Easy Ways To Treat Your Body Right

Stretch For 5 Minutes When You Get Up In The Morning

Most of us hit snooze about fourteen times before we actually get up, causing us to jump out of our beds and scramble for the shower. This puts our minds and bodies already in a state of panic before we’ve even started our day. Stretching for five minutes each morning will keep your body limber and start your day with a more relaxed mind. Your mental health is also an incredibly essential part of your well-being.

Drink Your Coffee Black

Have you heard the news? Dunkin Donuts has a *~new~* cookie dough iced coffee! Now you don’t even have to wait till the afternoon to start eating your dessert. Seriously, when I was living in Chicago I would have an iced coffee from DD every damn day and I quickly gained ten pounds from it. I was all concerned because I was walking everywhere and still wondering what the fuck was going on with my body. As soon as I stopped drinking my milk with a little bit of coffee, I went back to what my body was like before.

Not loading your coffee with sugar and milk will make the crash you get a few hours later way less intense, plus you quickly get used to the taste!

Also, this type of coffee looks incredibly cool.

Bring Your Breakfast To Work

Did you know you could get a delicious bagel in NYC with vegetable cream cheese for only $2? Incredible, I know. However, I’ve recently discovered that eating a bagel is probably tantamount to swallowing three pieces of bread in a single sitting. In order to clean up my life I’ve resigned from buying breakfast out and bring an apple to work instead.

Take The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator

Even taking one or two flights up makes a difference! Now I get winded less and feel more prepared to literally run away from commitment.

Have One Healthy Snack

Instead of popping over to the vending machine for some pepperoni pizza combos, try some vegetable smothered in the hummus of your choosing. I’m the worst offender of poor snacking choices, but an energetic snack mid-day will keep you from over-indulging on lunch or dinner.

Taking A Victory Lap

Sitting at a desk all day burns about 30 calories a day, I image. So every once in a while I take a long walk to the vending machines on the other side of the building and stare at all the Pop Tarts I want to buy but won’t allow myself to. Getting up and getting your blood flowing will keep you energized and alert.

Less Salt

I recently discovered that people put salt on salads? Is nothing sacred to you people? Although most health regulations make it almost impossible for 99% of the world to adhere to their recommended sodium intake, it wouldn’t hurt to be more conscious of how much salt you consume. Too much sodium leads to things like high blood pressure (which is, unfortunately, the leading risk factor of death among women in the US) and contributes to bloating and weight gain. So try to avoid putting it on extra things that probably would be delicious and flavorful without it…like salad.

Office Pushups.

Every hour or so, try doing about five pushups or a minute of jumping jacks. If you’re lucky enough to have your own office—perfect! If not, this routine will not only get you a little more healthy, it will ensure that your coworkers think you’re insane and will never invite you out for another happy hour! Now you won’t have to come up with lame excuses like you have to go home to water you plants when you really just want to hang out with the bae (read: Netflix).

The “One Less” Rule

Starting today try to have one less beer, one less cigarette, one less bag of chips. You don’t have to completely revamp your life, but just having one less of something unhealthy makes you feel accomplished. It gives you the courage to keep going, and soon “one less” will turn into kicking the habits you want to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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