Watch These Straight Guys Use Grindr For The First Time


YouTuber Neil McNeil has been in the game for around a year, but has already garnered massive internet clout for his frank depictions of his day-to-day life as a gay man living in LA. Recently, he published a video where he asked straight men to use the infamous gay “dating” app Grindr for the first time. The results are hilarious- most of them reacting with confusion to terms such as “thick muscular hung jock.”

Having stayed with Neil while I was in LA for the ThoughtCatalog book BOYS‘ LA release party, I can attest that him purposefully throwing men into the shark tank that is the gay online dating world is just the sort of hilarious move that is slowly making him a name in the LGBTQ scene.

Oh you straight boys, you’re so adorably confused. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

eBook ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ out in 2014.

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