Recapping ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Week 10

Now that the holidaze are over, we can get back to what really matters in life. Which is to say, we can finally get back to Jessica Lange and Emma Roberts being perfect. This episode left me deeply unsatisfied, perhaps the most out of the entire season. Even Stevie Nicks being a teen dream couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling I had watching this episode. Instead of these women banding together, it seems like the plot is focusing on how they’re bound and determined to tear each other apart. Is Ryan Murphy making a cultural criticism here, or are the writers simply missing the point?
  • Although this season is meant to be all about girrrrl power, lately all the girls seem to be doing is back-stabbing each other. Where is the sisterly love? Is cattiness between women the real American Horror Story underlying this season?
  • However, I do enjoy the occasional bits of kindness Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett share. Although it is clear that one will probably back stab the other before the season is over.
  • Is Queenie dead or not? I know Emma Roberts makes a joke that she may just be at a bottomless soup restaurant, but that is the only time in the episode that her death is addressed. I need closure!
  • I can’t say I know much about Voodoo culture or what those who practice it’s belief system is but Papa Legba, the Haitian Creole voodoo embodiment of death and fertility constantly doing cocaine seems…. vaguely offensive.

  • We should give Angela Bassett an Emmy for that battle cry right before she conjured those two cops to shoot each other because I don’t know how she kept a straight face.
  • Why the hell did Jessica Lange slap Sarah Paulson like that? Does she honestly think her daughter knew she was fucking a witch hunter just to prove a point?
  • On the other hand…I sort of thought blind Sarah Paulson was much more bad ass.

  • STEVIE NICKS! You flawless angel! Literally the best scene this episode had Stevie singing Rhiannon while Lily Rabe dances around her like an ethereal dream.
  • Do any of these girls actually go to school or do anything besides just live in the house? I thought they were supposed to be getting trained but we’ve yet to see that at all.
  • Nan trying to get Emma Roberts to shove a cigarette up her vagina literally sounds like one of the most painful things in this world.
  • The scene juxtapositioning Hank’s father’s business being seized and the rats racing around a maze is possibly the most artistic shot of the season.
  • Nan is so sassy this episode and I was all about it. You know, until she is slaughtered in a bath tub by Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett. Take away lesson: too much sass can get you killed.
  • I’m too sad that Luke is actually dead. His mother cremated him and his precious abs so there is no way Misty will be able to bring him back. *fan boy tear*
  • Jessica Lange tried to sell her soul to Papa Legba as well…does a few lines with him. Turns out, she loves no one though and therefore has no soul to sell. Ain’t that the breaks, girl.

  • Emma Roberts you slay me with your head-band and smashing your enemies over the head with a brick. It’s been really interesting to see Taissa’s character take a complete back seat to Emma’s as the season progressed and the writers clearly became more interested in Madison Montgomery as a character.
  • Okay, I just thought it was so out of character for Nan to kill Patti LuPone’s character by forcing her to down bleach. Sure, it was pretty bad ass and she totally had it coming…but Nan was always so kind hearted.
  • Also, I am still gunning for her to be the supreme.
  • Where is Kathy Bates? Where is Evan Peters? Where the hell is the plot continuity?
  • I hope Nan gets to touch Luke’s abs for all of eternity wherever she is now.

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