Recapping American Horror Story: Coven Week 5

This episode delivered on all the build up the last four episodes brought its viewers. From zombie attacks to burnings at the stake, everything in this episode was eclipsed by the theme of motherhood. This may be one of my favorite episodes so far (despite Emma Roberts’ missing from almost all of it) because of how diverse the characters are becoming and how complex they are written. You go, Ryan Murphy.

  • The episode opens with a masquerade ball Kathy Bates is hosting circa 1833. She is trying to set up her daughters with Jack, the son of the governor, and thinks the way to do so is show him her “room of horrors,” which includes real eyeballs and intestines. Her daughter’s potential boyfriend is like “lol bye” and spurs the daughters to begin plotting their mother’s accidental death. What does Kathy Bate do? Breaks their legs and locks them up in the room where she tortures her slaves. Mommy dearest has nothing on her.
  • This is the exact reason why I’m not convinced her character development makes sense- this lady is batshit insane and it only took Queenie saving her life once to make her into a decent human being? Nah.
  • I love when Jessica Lange’s characters allow their caring nature shine through their tough exteriors. Seeing her care for Sarah Paulson after her face got a cup full of acid was sweet and actually made me empathize for her for reasons other than her feistiness. That, my friends, is a well-written, well-rounded character. Lange’s character in the first season had a similar scene when a car hit her daughter Addie.

  • It’s nice to see Taissa Farmiga’s character take intelligent steps to help herself and her friends…you know, for once.
  • Jamie Brewer (Nan) did WORK this episode. She helps the hot boy candy get back into the house and delivers fine performance while doing so.
  • Taissa goes Leatherface on the zombies and thinly slices them like cuts of ham with her chainsaw. She then counteracts Angela Bassett’s magic to stop the zombie invasion. Props to you and that chainsaw girl. You’re clearly the new supreme (how predictable and boring)

  • Sarah Paulson, no! Your gorgeous face. Your eyesight :( *dries fan boy tears*
  • Also, why is this hospital so poorly lit? Did they run out of budget?
  • This episode was all about motherhood and how parents must protect their children from the horrors of the outside world. The scene where Jessica Lange handed off the stillborn baby to her mother had me in tears. I need to go call my momma now.
  • Fiona is the perfect balance of good and evil and is just one of the greatest characters on television today.

  • Damn…Kathy Bates’ scene with her zombie daughter is just perfection.
  • This show should be called “watch Taissa Farmiga look concerned for an hour.”
  • The witch counsel returns and still no one seems to be really concerned with where Emma Roberts is…
  • Oh wait, she’s still decomposing in a trunk. Where is Tate? What is going on?
  • Jessica Lange decides to frame Frances Conroy and burn her at the stake with the help of Queenie. Frances Conroy claims that all of the witches are just boiling in a pot until Fiona is ready for them, and that she would rather burn than boil. Yes, girl. You receive the ‘line of the week award.’

  • After Conroy burns, Lily Rabe shows up like an ethereal dream and brings her charred body back to life. Hell yes. A final showdown is growing closer.

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