Watch This Postmodern Video And Feel Alive

This semester I decided I would take a Postmodern Literature class. Although postmodernism is difficult to pin-point, I think a large portion of it comes from the idea of self-awareness. At the beginning of the semester I struggled with my depression and the literature we were reading. So essentially, nothing I do will matter because in the end none of it matters? This was my thought process for a while and it ate away at me. Then I began to really delve into what it means to be alive, and it is there that I found reprieve.

Watch this video. Discuss. Be lovely. Stick with this weird little man till the end. He makes it all come together.

Remember that we’re all alive at the same time. 


Steve Roggenbuck, you get it, man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –Steve Roggenbuck

eBook ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ out in 2014.

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