13 Perfect Dylan O’Brien Quotes That Made Me Love Him

In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t own a television, you may not have heard of that tiny little MTV show called Teen Wolf. It is absurd and I could drive a semi-truck through the massive plot holes it has, but it is fun. So fun, in fact, that I was able to watch two seasons (24/ 42 minute episodes) in less than a week. Dylan O’Brien plays the adorable Stiles in Teen Wolf, who is best friends to Tyler Posey’s Scott who happens to be the werewolf. His character may not have supernatural powers in the show (yet?) but his sarcastic wit and charming smile have charmed me in a way only Zac Efron and Dave Franco have. Here are 13 quotes from Dylan that will make you love him, too.

1. Part of growing up is realizing you learn to love so many people. It’s about forming those relationships and finding what will last forever.
2. I didn’t have that many friends my first few years of high school. It was very cliquey and I’m super shy, so it was hard to make friends.
3. I’d like to get into some sort of workout regimen so I can properly be healthy and exercise like a normal human being. I seem to not do that… ever.
4. I just really like fun, cool, interesting, quirky girls. And sometimes you find that in 6’2 model bodies and sometimes they’re short and brunette. All shapes and sizes – it’s really about the personality. That sounds cliche, but it’s so freaking true!
5. Oh my god, so many geeky things about me. Generally geeky, I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and The X-Factor. I don’t know. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, I’m a huge everything geek.
6. A girl in my Spanish class found my YouTube videos and showed them to my teacher. At the end of class one day my teacher said, “pack up, movie time,” and she dropped down this screen and put on my videos. I started freaking out. Everyone was laughing and I just ran out.
Yes, Dylan, yes you are.
7.  [On his role in the film The Internship] ”I’m just 21 now, so my intern experience was literally shooting this movie, doing all the crazy stuff that we did. So basically like strip clubs and Quidditch, that’s what I think an internship consists of.”
8. [On trying to impress girls] One time I stood outside of a girl’s house with a rose in my mouth, like between my teeth. It was obviously a joke and was supposed to look stupid, and it really did. I definitely looked stupid. She just rolled her eyes and laughed.
9. You never see anybody huge, just huge dicks.[On the possibility of seeing anyone famous on Chatroulette]
10. I just think that’s so cool and it does genuinely make me feel nice. And it blows me away because I remember being a kid and feeling that way about actors. Just loving them and thinking they’re great. Having them inspires me. I think it’s really awesome.[on Teen Wolf fans approaching him]
11. I don’t think teens make mistakes when they fall in love. You experience what you experience and you take away what you can from it; it is very human.
12.  [On his guilty film pleasures] I have three and I don’t feel guilty! Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Galaxy Quest

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